Gang of Roses

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Gang of Roses
Gang of Roses DVD.jpg
Directed by Jean-Claude La Marre
Produced by Brian "Skinny B." Lewis
Doug Schwab
Jean-Claude La Marre
Jesse H. Rivard
Kim Percival
Larry Rattner
Lila Aviv
Liz La Marre
Matt R. Brady
Tim Swain
Written by Jean-Claude La Marre
Starring Lil' Kim
Marie Matiko
Monica Calhoun
Stacey Dash
Music by Michael Cohen
Cinematography Ben Kufrin
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date
October 10, 2003 (2003-10-10)
Running time
94 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office $400,000

Gang of Roses is a 2003 Western action drama film written and directed by Jean-Claude La Marre.[1] It starred Monica Calhoun, Lil' Kim, LisaRaye, Charity Hill, Bobby Brown, Stacy Dash, and Marie Matiko. The movie took just 18 days to film.[2]

The film followed by a sequel, Gang of Roses II: Next Generation (2012).


The film starts off with Left Eye Watkins (Brown) and his gang attempting to bully Sheriff Shoeshine Michel (Louis Mandylor) into giving them gold and women. A female member of the gang is extremely enthusiastic about the women and sets out to rape a can-can girl in the middle of town. While resisting, the can-can cuts the female gang member who in turns shoots her in the middle of the road.

The can-can girl happens to be the sister of Rachel (Calhoun), the protagonist. Rachel, a religious, reformed bad girl, rounds up her former gang members to seek revenge. They are followed by a blacked haired lady (Gray) who is also seeking revenge upon them.



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