Gang of Roses

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Gang of Roses
Gang of Roses DVD.jpg
Directed by Jean-Claude La Marre
Produced by Brian "Skinny B." Lewis
Doug Schwab
Jean-Claude La Marre
Jesse H. Rivard
Kim Percival
Larry Rattner
Lila Aviv
Liz La Marre
Matt R. Brady
Tim Swain
Written by Jean-Claude La Marre
Starring Lil' Kim
Marie Matiko
Monica Calhoun
Stacey Dash
Music by Michael Cohen
Cinematography Ben Kufrin
Distributed by Blockbuster Entertainment Group
DEJ Productions
Release dates
October 10, 2003 (2003-10-10)
Running time
94 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office $30,497[1]

Gang of Roses is a 2003 Western action drama film written and directed by Jean-Claude La Marre.[2] It starred Monica Calhoun, Lil' Kim, Lisa Raye, Charity Hill, Bobby Brown, Stacy Dash, and Marie Matiko. The movie took just 18 days to film.[3]


The film starts off with Left Eye Watkins (Brown) and his gang attempting to bully Sheriff Shoeshine Michel (Louis Mandylor) into giving them gold and women. A female member of the gang is extremely enthusiastic about the women and sets out to rape a can-can girl in the middle of town. While resisting, the can-can cuts the female gang member who in turns shoots her in the middle of the road.

The can-can girl happens to be the sister of Rachel (Calhoun), the protagonist. Rachel, a religious, reformed bad girl, rounds up her former gang members to seek revenge. They are followed by a blacked haired lady (Gray) who is also seeking revenge upon them.



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