Ganges Barrage

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Ganges Barrage
Official name Lav Khush Barrage
Location Kanpur, INDIA
Coordinates 26°30′36″N 80°19′07″E / 26.5099°N 80.3186°E / 26.5099; 80.3186Coordinates: 26°30′36″N 80°19′07″E / 26.5099°N 80.3186°E / 26.5099; 80.3186
Construction began 1995
Opening date May 2000
Construction cost Rs. 303.14 crore
Dam and spillways
Impounds Ganges River
Length 621 m
Ganges Barrage

Officially named as Lav Khush Barrage, this bridge across the Ganges lies at Azad Nagar-Nawabganj in Kanpur.

Construction started in 1995 and inaugurated in May 2000. The total length is 621 m and will serve as a four lane Highway Bypass for NH 91.[1]

Newly constructed Ganges Barrage, part of the NH-91 by-pass