Ganga Choti

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Ganga Choti
Ganga Choti is located in Pakistan
Ganga Choti
Ganga Choti
Location within Pakistan
Highest point
Elevation 3,044 m (9,987 ft)
Coordinates 34°04′30″N 73°47′20″E / 34.07500°N 73.78889°E / 34.07500; 73.78889Coordinates: 34°04′30″N 73°47′20″E / 34.07500°N 73.78889°E / 34.07500; 73.78889
Location Bagh District, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan
Parent range Pir Panjal

Ganga Choti is a scenic peak near the towns of Sudhan Gali and Bani Minhasan in Bagh District, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.[1] It is situated in the Pir Panjal Range and is the end point of the Panjal Mastan National Park which is well known in Azad Kashmir for its scenic landscapes. This national park is spread from Pir Kanthi to Ganga Choti and passes through the villages of Khawaja, Jabbarh Ratnoi and Kotla.

Ganga Choti is situated along and linked with Inter district road between district Bagh and district Muzzaffarabad.


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