Ganga Ki Saugandh

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Ganga Ki Saugandh
Film poster
Directed bySultan Ahmed
Produced bySultan Ahmed
Written byNabendu Ghosh
Asgar Mirza
Wajahat Mirza
Santosh Vyas
StarringAmitabh Bachchan
Amjad Khan
Music byKalyanji Anandji
CinematographyR.D. Mathur
Edited byM. S. Shinde
Distributed bySultan Productions
Release date
February 10, 1978

Ganga Ki Saugandh is a 1978 Hindi movie. Produced and directed by Sultan Ahmed, this film stars Amitabh Bachchan, Rekha, Amjad Khan, Pran, I. S. Johar, Bindu and Anju Mahendru. The music is by Kalyanji Anandji and the dialogue by Wajahat Mirza. It became a box office hit.[1]

This movie is set in a village setting where Amjad Khan is a tyrant. Amitabh plays a very naive young man, and becomes a dacoit to avenge the death of his mother. Amitabh is thrown out of the village when he is unable to offer a satisfactory explanation for the death of the cow. He forms a group who work in throwing Amjad Khan off his high throne.


Thakur Jaswant Singh rules over the region with an iron hand. He has no pity or empathy for the poor, all he is interested in is their money, their women, and alcohol. After the passing away of his dad, he assumes total control over the region, and increases the taxes. One day while walking across the hallway, he trips over the wet floor, and falls down. He gets up angrily and assaults the old woman, Ramvati, who was washing the floor. His abuse is interrupted by the arrival of Ramvati's son, Jeeva, who intervenes. Jaswant is ready to shoot him down, but Jaswant's mom prevents him from doing so. Word gets around that Jeeva is in the bad books of the Thakur, and soon a number of people start conspiring against Jeeva. The next day Jeeva is summoned before the village council and asked to explain his involvement in the death of a cow. Jeeva has no satisfactory explanation, and he is asked to leave the village immediately with his mother. Jeeva refuses to do so, and is severely beaten, and thrown out. Shortly thereafter his mother passes away, and Jeeva decides to avenge her death by bringing about the downfall of Jaswant Singh. In order to do this, he becomes a dacoit. Jeeva swears on the holy river Ganga to wipe out Jaswant Singh and his men, without knowing his decision will bring him into conflict with the police, and with the honest people from the very community he was exiled from.


# Title Singer(s)
1 "Chal Musafir" Mohammed Rafi
2 "Maano To Main Ganga" Lata Mangeshkar
3 "Aankh Ladi Humse" Asha Bhosle
4 "Roop Jab Aisa Mila" Kishore Kumar
5 "Aankh Ladi Humse" Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle
6 "Toone Har Raat" Lata Mangeshkar
7 "Dekho Sapne" Mohammed Rafi, Amit Kumar, Aarti Mukherji


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