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"Gangnam Style" is a single released by South Korean rapper Psy on July 15, 2012. It has achieved widespread international recognition and became the most viewed YouTube video, becoming the first one to gain a billion views on December 21, 2012.[1] "Gangnam Style"'s unprecedented worldwide popularity was acknowledged by YouTube, who called it a "massive" hit at a global level "unlike anything we've ever seen before" while Billboard noted that "Gangnam Style" was nothing short of a pop culture phenomenon.[2] As a result, it has influenced worldwide popular culture in many aspects.


  • In a Saturday Night Live sketch, a Lids employee (Kenan Thompson) feels down in the dumps, so another employee (Seth MacFarlane) cheers him up by pushing a very button which brings out Psy (Bobby Moynihan), who dances "Gangnam Style", later used in a nut commercial. Later in the sketch, the button press reveals the real Psy.[3]
  • During VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live show, the television host Carrie Keagan told the audience that everyone in her office is "completely obsessed" with the dance moves of "Gangnam Style", which she later performed with Jason Dundas.[4][5]
  • South Korean boy band Shinhwa also showed their interests in "Gangnam Style" (especially lead vocalist Shin Hye Sung) with the members dancing to the "horse-riding choreography" repeatedly on episode 24 of their own variety show SHINHWA Broadcast, which was aired by JTBC.[6]
  • During the late night comedy talk show Chelsea Lately, the American stand-up comedian and actress Chelsea Handler told the audience she considers Psy to be a "revolutionary musician, dancer and sex symbol". She also compared him with the Latino pop singer Ricky Martin.[7]
  • The Tonight Show with Jay Leno has presented several jokes involving the dance. On August 31, Leno showed parody video footage of US presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who made his entrance at the Republican National Convention "Gangnam Style".[8] The October 8 "Headlines" segment started with the fake headline "Joe Biden will debate Paul Ryan 'Gangnam Style'."[9] On October 25, the day after Barack Obama's appearance, Leno shows parody footage of a KTLA news story about Obama on ABC's Dancing with the Stars dancing to the song with another contestant.[10]


Flash mobs and folk culture[edit]

Children performing "Gangnam Style"

The earliest "Gangnam Style" flash mobs were held in Pasadena, California,[36] and Sydney, Australia.[37] On September 12, Times Square in Manhattan was filled with a flash mob dancing to the music of "Gangnam Style" during ABC's Good Morning America.[38] Five days later, Psy appeared in a flash mob organized by the American entertainment TV show Extra in Los Angeles. The dress code was either "something comfortable" or "Psy-inspired clothing."[39] A "Gangnam Style" flash mob in front of the Obelisco de Buenos Aires national monument in Argentina was shown on the national news programme Antes del Mediodía.[40] In the Indian film Rangrezz, the song is an official parody of "Gangnam Style" featuring Jakky Bhagnani as Psy. All the scenes are from "Gangnam Style" video converted into Mumbai. In the Siberian region of Kemerovo, residents dressed themselves in costumes designed to look like the ape-like creature Bigfoot and danced "Gangnam Style" to celebrate and mark the birthday of Bigfoot.[41] The state-funded television channel Russia Today labelled the celebrations "Yeti-style", a reference to another ape-like creature similar to Bigfoot.[41] In Thailand, officials from the Dan Sai municipality in Loei Province shot a video of people wearing masks and performing "Gangnam Style" during the Phi Ta Khon "ghost" festival. According to the Thai newspaper The Nation, villagers and spiritual leaders from Loei province have felt "uneasy" and also "greatly offended" about this "Gangnam Style" performance which tarnishes the image of a 400-year-old tradition.[42]


"Gangnam Style" has also made its way into various sporting events:

Association football[edit]


  • Jamaican cricketer Chris Gayle danced "Gangnam Style" twice during the West Indies' match against Ireland and then repeated the act again when he took a wicket during the 2012 ICC World Twenty20 match against England. He also told his fans that he will keep celebrating "Gangnam Style" as the competition progresses.[73] He and teammate Andre Russell had held a late-night "Gangnam Style" party, which resulted in three British female guests being briefly arrested by guards from Sri Lanka's. After the West Indies won the World Cup, the whole team, including non playing members, celebrated with a mid-pitch "Gangnam Style" dance. Gayle continued this for the night, including the medal ceremony and the team photo. Ministerial Security Division.[74]
  • On December 8, Bangladesh national cricket team celebrated their ODI series win against West Indies cricket team with "Gangnam Style" dance.[75]

National Football League[edit]




  • CHARLI-2, a five-foot-tall military robot built for the US Navy by the Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University was one of the first of its kind programmed to dance "Gangnam Style"[88][89]
  • During the Industrial Summit Forum in Hangzhou, China, one particular robot was programmed to dance "Gangnam Style" and eventually won a dancing competition.[90][91]
  • The Human Interface Technology Laboratory at the University of Canterbury programmed its robots to dance "Gangnam Style" for a "better understanding of human-robot relationships".[92]

Applications and video games[edit]

  • In Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault, if the player throws a Groovatron during the fight with Zurgo, he will perform moves from "Gangnam Style".
  • Just Dance 4, a dance game by Ubisoft, released "Gangnam Style" as downloadable content on November 20, 2012 for the Xbox 360 and Wii, November 27, 2012 on the PlayStation 3, and January 3, 2013 (PAL) and January 24, 2013 (NTSC) for the Wii U. The dance routine includes most of the choreography from the official video and the live performances, some rearranged or improvised.[93]
  • Just Dance 2014, another Ubisoft game, released this song as a recycled DLC, mostly for the PS4 and Xbox One, as those consoles did not get Just Dance 4. Released for December, the DLC is also available for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and Wii U.
  • Just Dance 2015 released this song as DLC the day it released.
  • This is in Just Dance Now and Just Dance Unlimited (Mainly for PC and Nintendo Switch as neither console got Just Dance 4)
  • Dance Central 3, a dance game by Harmonix, released "Gangnam Style" as downloadable content on November 27, 2012 for the Xbox 360. The dance routine includes most of the choreography from the official video and the live performances, some rearranged or improvised.[94]
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, a soccer sports game by Konami, included "Gangnam Style" in its selection of goal celebrations.[95]
  • In September 2012, app development company Workprint Innovations created Dance Video App, with a collection of "Gangnam Style" inspired dancers. Within this collection, users can choose between four Gangnam Style dance situations while capturing video with their iPhones.[96]
  • Swype, an input method for Android operating systems, included "Gangnam Style" in its list of recognized words and phrases.[97]
  • For a short time, characters in the Facebook game FarmVille 2 would dance "Gangnam Style" when the player leveled up.[98][99]
  • Psycho Bear Studios posted a Gangnam Style Story "endless runner" game on iTunes.[100]
  • In Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm, each race features a unit that can perform the "Gangnam Style" dance.[101]
  • In League of Legends, the character Twisted Fate performs this dance as one of the taunts to his opponents.[102]
  • In Smite, the character Hercules has several of the dance moves as his dance emote.[103]
  • The hit video game Fortnite has one of the dance moves from Gangnam Style, known as Ride the Pony.

Parodies and reaction videos[edit]

In Geneva, Switzerland, about 300 people gathered at the International Monument to the Reformation for a parody of "Gangnam Style" organized by a local radio station.[104] According to The Christian Post, "Gangnam Style" was parodied by Inri Cristo, a self-proclaimed reincarnation of Jesus Christ, to attract the public's attention.[105] Another noteworthy parody is "Jerusalem Syndrome Gangnam Style", which is shot at the Old City of Jerusalem and includes important heritage sites such as Mahane Yehuda Market, Western Wall, Zion Square, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It also includes a special cameo appearance by the Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat. The Times of Israel described the parody as "a unique Jerusalem twist to the song".[106] The Argentine TV series Graduados made another parody, danced by the Argentine-Korean actor Chang Kim Sung.[107] Obama Gangnam Style![108] is a parody by Barack Obama impersonator Reggie Brown.[109] The musical television series Glee covers the song in their season 4 episode "Thanksgiving" with Jenna Ushkowitz on lead vocals.[110] The rapidly growing popularity and international recognition of "Gangnam Style" has spawned many user generated videos, some of them have received international media recognition, such as:

Students reenacting the elevator scene at the University of Bradford's atrium in West Yorkshire, England
  • According to The Wall Street Journal, the Canadian couple Simon and Martina Stawski from the video blog Eatyourkimchi were among the first to review and do a parody of "Gangnam Style" on July 23, 2012,[111] before T-Pain's tweet[112] on July 29 "sent it into the stratosphere."[113]
  • Teens react to Gangnam Style,[114] produced by the Fine Brothers. Jeff Yang of the Wall Street Journal wrote, "Ha ha, the Fine Bros. got around to exposing PSY on their panel of unsuspecting adolescents. Turns out, however, that most of them already listen to K-pop."[115]
  • 'Gangnam Style' Also Calms Fussy Babies, Meredith Bennett-Smith of The Huffington Post wrote, ""Gangnam Style" may have broken a Guinness World Record for being the most "liked" video in online history, but it seems the tune and its "horsey-style" choreography also calms down fussy babies...The first video,[116] which was posted on September 23, has already gone viral, amassing more than 400,000 views. It features Claire, a rather unhappy baby, who only calms down when the Korean pop song is played."[117]
  • Hongdae Style,[118] a parody by Trend Factory, was mentioned by The Wall Street Journal as one of five must-see Gangnam Style response videos.[119]
  • Pyongyang Style,[120] a parody that "mocks North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il", is mentioned by Kate Stanton of United Press International.[121]
  • PSY Gangnam Style MV Reaction,[122] by K-Pop bloggers Katie and Mindy Anderson. Evan Ramstad of The Wall Street Journal writes that "The Andersons’ reaction video is fun because of their spontaneity, laughter and creeping realization of what’s going on."[123]
  • Gangnam Style Meets Metal,[124] by Eric Calderone, was mentioned in the Daily Mirror, a British national newspaper.[125]
Students from the Colegio de la Preciosa Sangre de Pichilemu performing the final scene of Gangnam Style
  • Minecraft Style is a parody of "Gangnam Style" released on October 26, 2012 by Jordan Maron, who goes by the username Captain Sparklez. It received over a million views in its first day of release.[137] It is a shot-by-shot remake of the original "Gangnam Style" using Minecraft,[138] a video game about building with blocks and objects.
  • The Filipino comedian duo Moymoy Palaboy developed a "Gangnam Style" parody featuring actors Michael V. (Pepito Manaloto), Paolo Contis, Brad Pete and the Dating Doon Gang. It was featured on the Philippine Entertainment Portal.[139]
  • Gundam Style by KatsuhonoProduction, is a parody of "Gangnam Style", where it plays on people's mistaken interpretation that Psy is talking about the iconic mecha of the Gundam franchise. The parody video utilizes the heads of various Mobile Suits seen in the Gundam franchise pasted onto many of the people seen in the video. The video parody was noted by Kotaku[140] and G4TV.[141]
  • 'Rangrezz Gangnam Style was a parody that featured Jackky Bhagnani for the 2013 Bollywood film Rangrezz. It was shown towards the end of the film.[142]
  • A YouTube video named Irish Paddy Style was uploaded as a parody of "Gangnam Style". It replaces the original lyrics with words about popular Irish culture. It has been featured on Uploaded, a programme shown on 3e.


Kurbani Style published by Radio Foorti focusing on eid-ul-adha , one of the most observed occasion in the country.


  • 草泥马 style (literally, "Grass Mud Horse Style"), was uploaded onto YouTube and other Chinese websites by the political activist and dissident Ai Weiwei. In this parody, Ai Weiwei dances "Gangnam Style" with a pair of handcuffs as a symbol of his arrest by Chinese authorities in 2011. According to the Associated Press, government authorities had removed the video from almost all Chinese websites the next day.[143][144] In an interview with Reuters, Ai Weiwei remarked, "After we had uploaded it, a few hours later...we found that a lot of people, tens of thousands, had already watched it. Now, in China, it has already been totally removed, deleted entirely, and you can't see it in China".[145]
  • 转账style (literally, "Transfer Style" ), is an anti-scam video produced by local police in Shanghai to raise public awareness of various tools and techniques used by telecom swindlers. According to the Shanghai Daily, "The whole story is reenacted in a humorous manner, similar to South Korean phenom Psy's global hit". The newspaper also wrote that this particular adaptation of "Gangnam Style" has garnered almost as much attention in China's blogosphere as the original "Gangnam Style" music video.[146][147]
  • 消防style (literally, "Firefighting Style" ), was produced by firefighters from Yulin, Guangxi. A spokesman from Yulin's firefighting department told China News Service that their version of "Gangnam Style" was produced to inform the public about their daily activities, responsibilities, and also to attract more people to join the firefighting service.[148][149]
  • 蚌埠列车员style (literally, "Bengbu Train Conductor Style") is a controversial version of "Gangnam Style" in which a man in train conductor's uniform is seen performing "Gangnam Style" while pointing his middle finger at the camera and spewing vulgarities. Although a significant portion of China's blogosphere described the train conductor as "talented" and "fun", others felt that he had tarnished the image of his occupation.[150] According to the Shanghai Railway Bureau, the train conductor was subsequently suspended from service because of this video.[150]
  • 36中学版江南style (literally, No. 36 Middle High School Gangnam Style) was produced in Dalian, Liaoning, as part of a physical education programme in which almost 1100 students participated.[151]
  • Original Painting is a music video (MV) inspired by "Gangnam Style" and produced by Christopher Doyle and the Chinese singer Uta. The English language daily newspaper China Daily described it as a "Gangnam Style-like MV".[152]
  • Aircraft carrier style is a parody of "Gangnam Style" and refers to the crouching and pointing position taken by two technicians on the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning to give the green light to the fighter pilots. On November 25, 2012, the first Chinese flight landing on an aircraft carrier was successfully conducted on the Liaoning with the Shenyang J-15.[153] An official photo showed two technicians on the carrier crouching and pointing to give the green light to the fighter pilots.[154] Many photos of web users positioning themselves similarly can be found online, making aircraft carrier style an internet meme. The people in the pictures are usually in bedrooms and wearing a sticker with the Chinese characters 起飞 (meaning flight) on their backs, just like the Chinese Navy personnel.[155] The pose was referenced at the end of the skit 《你摊上事儿了》 (meaning, roughly, you're in trouble) which was performed at the 2013 CCTV New Year's Gala.[156][157]


Middle East[edit]

United States[edit]

  • Gangnam Style – USNA Spirit Spot,[188] by midshipmen from the United States Naval Academy, was reviewed by the British national tabloid newspaper Daily Mail. It wrote, "A lot of work has clearly gone into mimicking Psy's dance moves, which they pull off better than some dubious lip-syncing."[189] A spokesman from the United States Naval Academy said that "The video is creative and humorous, but it also took a lot of planning and teamwork", and added that although it was filmed at the academy and several participants wore their uniforms, the production did not violate any rules or regulations.[190] Commander William Marks, Public Information Officer at the Naval Academy, said that "Even in the demanding environment of the Naval Academy, it's good to see that the midshipmen have struck a chord with the American public".[191]
  • Psy Gangnam Style GW Lacrosse,[192] by members of the women’s lacrosse team from George Washington University, was considered a "solid effort" by Sarah Kogod of The Washington Post.[193]
  • Lifeguard Style, performed by a group of lifeguards from El Monte, California. They were released from official duties after they did a parody of "Gangnam Style" using the city's swimming pool, but were subsequently rehired.[194]
  • Captain Fear and The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders version of PSY's "Gangnam Style"[195] was noted by Ben Chew of NBC Sports because it "even throws in a classic moment featuring Captain Fear pursuing a Tampa Bay cheerleader on the Raymond James pirate ship as she dances rather seductively."[196] Tim McGarry of USA Today speculates whether it will rival the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders's parody of "Call Me Maybe".[197]
  • The Houston Independent School District staff uploaded a "Gangnam Style" video which, according to Chris Gray from the Houston Press, was produced to encourage the community to vote early.[198]
  • The Oregon Duck – Gangnam Style Parody[199] was featured in USA Today.[200]
  • LIPA Style[201] was produced by John Mingione, a correspondent for the Long Island radio station WBLI. Jilian Mincer from Reuters reported that the parody was created as an answer to the Long Island Power Authority's slow response to restore electricity after residents were cut off without power as a result of the Hurricane Sandy disaster and subsequently sent thousands of complaints to Mingione's WBLI radio station.[202]
  • Obama Gangnam Style![203] is a parody by Barack Obama impersonator Reggie Brown.[204]
  • Jabari Parker Style was produced by four fans of the BYU Cougars men's basketball team. The parody was created in advance of the expected visit of Jabari Parker, one of the top basketball recruits of the class of 2013, to the Brigham Young University campus on November 24, 2012.[205]
  • Wonderful Pistachios Get Crackin' was a commercial during the television broadcast of Super Bowl XLVII in 2013. It features a green-suited Psy who dances "Gangnam Style" with pistachios in an advertisement for Paramount Farms' Wonderful Pistachios.[206]
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic included the verse "Polka Gangnam Style", as part of his parody medley "NOW That's What I Call Polka!" for his 2014 album Mandatory Fun.[207]
  • Stephen Quire doing the Gangnam Style dance while watching the Gangnam Style video in Greatest freak out ever 27 video on YouTube.[208]

Popularity among notable people[edit]


Through his song Gangnam Style, PSY has become an
international sensation, with his satirical song’s video clip
- and its horse-riding-like dance moves – viewed more than
half a billion times since its release in July.

—The United Nations,[209] October 24, 2012

Gangnam Style was mentioned during a U.S. State Department briefing on October 3, 2012, when a reporter asked spokeswoman Victoria Nuland if it may lead to a deepening of ties between South Korea and the United States.[210]
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon performing "Gangnam Style" with PSY

On October 3, 2012, "Gangnam Style" was mentioned during a U.S. State Department briefing when a reporter asked spokeswoman Victoria Nuland if she had heard about the song, to which Nuland replied: "No, but I bet you my daughter does. She loves Korean pop." She also told the international media that she planned to "dial it up" and watch the video.[210]

A few weeks later Nuland described "Gangnam Style" as "fantastic" and added that both her daughter and her husband Robert Kagan "all love the Gangnam Style" and that she had mastered its dance moves by watching the video clip "for weeks and weeks."[211]

On October 9, Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, held a speech at the 2012 Conservative Party Conference, where he admitted that "Gangnam Style is very good".[212] He talked about the vast variety of exports that originate from London, including television aerials which the Koreans use to watch "Gangnam Style". He also told the audience that he and the British Prime Minister David Cameron have danced "Gangnam Style".[213] A few days before the conference, they performed the dance at Chequers Court in Buckinghamshire. One of the guests who witnessed the dance remarked, "It was uproarious – they [Johnson and Cameron] completely brought the house down".[214]

On October 17, "Gangnam Style" was performed by George Christensen, a member of the Australian House of Representatives.[215] During an interview with the French news agency AFP, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon revealed that he has watched "Gangnam Style" several times. He hailed the song as a "force for world peace" and added that "there are no languages required in the musical world. That is the power of music, that is the power of the heart. Through this promotion of arts we can better understand the culture and civilisations of other people. In this era of instability and intolerance we need to promote better understanding through the power of music."[216]

Congressman John Lewis from the U.S. House of Representatives recently danced "Gangnam Style" to promote voting.[217]

"Gangnam Style" has been used by presidential candidates during elections. Ju-min Park of Reuters mentioned that a few of South Korea's normally staid presidential candidates are imitating Psy's moves in an appeal to voters.[218]

In Chile, the dance was also used by students during massive protests across the country[219] and the Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei, who was detained by Chinese authorities in 2011 for his political activism, danced "Gangnam Style" with a pair of handcuffs as a symbol of his arrest and uploaded a video titled "Grass Mud Horse Style" onto YouTube and other Chinese websites. According to the Associated Press, government authorities had removed the video from most websites the next day.[143][144]

The Colorado Democratic Party celebrated U.S. President Barack Obama's victory at the 2012 U.S. presidential election by dancing "Gangnam Style" during the Denver Democratic watch party.[220]

During his speech in front of the Parliament of Malaysia, the politician Bung Mokhtar Radin drew comparisons between the youth of his country and "Gangnam Style". He remarked "They should be like PSY and Gangnam Style. He, his styles and his group is very popular. Millions of people are watching his video clip, not like our youths…destroying our image of our country and our people."[221]

In Bali, Indonesia, The Committee for Environmental Advocacy staged a protest against the building of a suspended highway connecting Ngurah Rai International Airport with the city by dancing "Gangnam Style".[222][223] In the Philippines, students commemorating the 40th anniversary of the declaration of Martial law in the country danced "Gangnam Style" at Chino Roces Bridge during a protest against the former President Ferdinand Marcos' use of the military during his 14-year dictatorial rule.[224]

The following political leaders have mentioned "Gangnam Style" on social media platforms or through speeches:

Politician Position Quote
Jim Yong Kim President of the
World Bank
I love Gangnam Style, my three-year-old son dances around doing Gangnam Style all the time[225][226]
Song Sang-Hyun President of the
International Criminal Court
Let me apologize in advance if I slightly overstep the conventional time limit allocated to speakers.
I am afraid I could not stay within say, 10 minutes even if I were to speak in Gangnam Style"[227][228]
Barack Obama President of the
 United States
I just saw that video for the first time. I think I can do that move. But I'm not sure that the inauguration ball is the appropriate time to break that out. Maybe do it privately for Michelle.[229]
Tara Sonenshine Under Secretary of State
for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs
Of course, we all know about Gangnam Style. Well, the man behind it – Psy – went to Boston University and the Berklee College of Music[230]
Lee Hsien Loong Prime Minister of
Enjoyed this Singaporean parody of "Gangnam Style", produced for Children’s Day.[231]
Najib Razak Prime Minister of
Been hearing about Gangnam Style all of last week, even in the news.
What's your view that makes it so popular?

The following political leaders, Congressmen and Members of Parliament have performed the dance moves of "Gangnam Style" at various locations:

Politician Position Location of "Gangnam Style" performance
Ban Ki-Moon Secretary-General of the
 United Nations
United Nations Headquarters[233]
David Cameron Prime Minister of the
 United Kingdom
Chequers Court, Buckinghamshire[214]
Boris Johnson Mayor of London
Rob McKenna State attorney general of Washington International District, Seattle[234]
John Lewis Representative for Georgia's 5th congressional district YouTube video[235]
Mike Honda Representative for California's 15th congressional district YouTube video[236]
George Christensen Representative for the seat of Dawson (Australia) Mackay, Queensland[237]
Lim Swee Say Minister in Prime Minister's Office (Singapore) Promontory @ Marina Bay, Singapore[238]


On August 16, 2012, Nelly Furtado performed the song at her concert in the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Manila, Philippines.[239] One of the main factors that has led to "Gangnam Style" receiving worldwide media attention is its popularity among notable celebrities. According to The Wall Street Journal, T-Pain was among the first to have "sent [the video] to the stratosphere" when he tweeted about it on July 29.[113] It was then picked up by Neetzan Zimmerman from the social blog Gawker, who asked "Did this underground Hip Hop artist from South Korea just release the Best Music Video of the Year?"[240] on July 30.

The English actor Peter Serafinowicz called it "one of the best music videos ever made".[241] while the German model Heidi Klum, who performed "Gangnam Style" at the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards, revealed that her children have been obsessed with the song and that she has been holding "Gangnam dance parties" with them.[242][243]

Celebrity comments with more than 1,000 retweets
Name Quote Source Retweets Significance
Robbie Williams P.S. Try watching this and not smiling I dare you.... (Not even a lip curl)[244][245] Personal blog N/A Earliest celebrity comment in late July. According to Emma Harrison from The Oxford Times, "Psy told the Oxford Union that it was Robbie Williams who uploaded it to his blog – which triggered a tweeting frenzy and the craze that took over the UK."
Justin Bieber Heyyyy sexy laaady[246] Twitter account 151,850 Mentioned by Allkpop,[247] Soompi[248] and Mnet Media[249]
T-Pain Words cannot even describe how amazing this video is.[112][250] Twitter account 2446 This tweet by T-Pain had "sent [the video] to the stratosphere" [113]
Josh Groban It's a Gangnam Style world, we're just living in it. Amazing video.[251][252] Twitter account 1102 Mentioned by The Korea Herald,[253] Seoul's official website,[254] a blog post published by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation,[255] and Billboard[256]
Katy Perry Help, I'm in a Gangnam Style K-hole[257][258] Twitter account 12,822 Katy Perry's tweet further increased the song's popularity in the United States[259]
Vanessa Hudgens I am so amazingly obsessed. GANGNAM STYLE! Yeahhhha[260][261] Personal blog N/A
Britney Spears I am LOVING this video – so fun! Thinking that I should possibly learn the choreography. Anybody wanna teach me?[262][263] Twitter account 4,573 Led to Psy's first appearance on
The Ellen Degeneres Show[264]
Tom Cruise Think @psy_oppa (Psy) would make a
good future co-star Gangnam Style?[265][266]
Twitter account 1,940 Possible future collaboration[267]
LMFAO Check out #PartyRock .... Gangnam Style![268][269] Twitter account 1,842 Mentioned by Hankook Ilbo[270]
Scooter Braun How did I not sign this guy!?[271][272] Twitter account 1,175 On September 4, 2012, it was confirmed that Psy was signed to Braun's Schoolboy Records.[273]
According to Jasmine Gardner from the London Evening Standard, this tweet also played a role in spreading the song's popularity among Western celebrities.[274]
James Corden I am so into Gangnam Style its insane![275] Twitter account 1,717
Darren Criss Could not be more proud of the human race that PSY's Gangnam Style is one of the biggest things in the world right now.[276] Twitter account 2,337
Hilary Duff You guys... Gangnam style? I just..... I can't ....[277] Twitter account 2,924
Ashley Benson A lil late to the party but, better late than ever right?!
I’m obsessed with this guy. I die. PSY -Gangnam Style[278]
Personal blog N/A


The Korea Tourism Organization has launched a "One day Gangnam tour" that begins with some "gangnam styling" at a beauty salon, shopping at the Apgujeong & Cheongdam boutiques, coffee and brunch, followed by the casino and clubbing.[279] Romeo Beckham, the son of the British footballer David Beckham, had danced "Gangnam Style" while watching a matching between the Los Angeles Galaxy and the San Jose Earthquakes, according to The Sun.[280] In Thailand, two local gangs provoked each other by dancing "Gangnam Style", eventually leading to a gun fight with more than 50 rounds fired.[281]

During a presentation of the beauty pageant Miss Earth 2012, some of the contestants including Miss Philippines, Miss Czech Republic, Miss Brazil and Miss Panama danced "Gangnam Style".[282] The controversial Dutch artist Tinkebell danced "Gangnam Style" to promote a newly released nude calendar.[283]

In its review of Oriental Brewery's Golden Lager, beer website Unquestionable Taste used the title "Oppan-Golden-Style" for the review's page.[284]

Rick Warren, an American evangelical Christian pastor and author of The Purpose Driven Life, is also known to be a fan of the song.[285]

In 2018, Gangnam Style was cited as being partly responsible for the increase in the numbers of people choosing to learn Korean. [1]


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