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Gangsta may refer to:

Urban culture[edit]

  • Gangsta rap, a subgenre of hip hop music that evolved from hardcore hip hop and purports to reflect urban crime and the violent lifestyles of inner-city youths
  • Gangster, a member of a gang
  • Hip hop fashion, a style of dress associated with gangsta rap and other hip hop genres


  • Gangsta Blac (born 1974), rapper native of Memphis, Tennessee
  • Gangsta Boo (born 1979), first female member of the Memphis, Tennessee-based rap group Three 6 Mafia
  • Gangsta Pat (born 1972), American rapper from Memphis, Tennessee who established himself in the Memphis underground during the late 1980s
  • Gangsta (rapper), American rapper for No Limit Forever
  • The Gangstas, former professional wrestling tag team and stable
  • Z-Gangsta (born 1958), later stage name for American actor and retired professional wrestler Tom Lister Jr.

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