Gangsta Granny

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Gangsta Granny
Gangsta Granny Cover.png
Gangsta Granny info
AuthorDavid Walliams
IllustratorTony Ross
PublisherHarper Collins[1]
Publication date
27 October 2011 (2011-10-27)
Preceded byBillionaire Boy 
Followed byRatburger 

Gangsta Granny is a British children's comedy fiction book, written by David Walliams,[2] illustrated by Tony Ross and published by HarperCollins.[1]

Ben, a boy, hates having to stay with his Granny every Friday because his parents go to see a dancing show named "Strictly Stars Dancing". He finds it boring and repetitive as his Granny always feeds him cabbage-related dishes, most commonly cabbage soup and cabbage chocolate, and they are constantly playing Scrabble, plus her television hasn't been working since the 1990s. Ben loves plumbing and is a long-term subscriber to the magazine Plumbing Weekly, which he buys every week from Raj's news-agency. Ben's parents disapprove of him being a plumber, as their ambition for their only child was to be a professional ballet dancer like the one they used to watch every Friday.

One day, Ben calls his parents at Granny's house and asks them to take him home. Mum and Dad ignore Ben and disapprove of the proposal. Granny somehow overhears the conversation due to the indistinct sound made by Ben while he was talking. The next morning, his Granny seems somewhat upset and disappointed thinking that her grandson doesn't love her.

That same morning, Ben is served boiled eggs by Granny, which Ben doesn't like and he flicks the runny egg gloop onto the window; But as he was hungry he starts searching for something to eat; with some pocket left luck, he finds a box of chocolate biscuits. To his surprise, the tin feels much heavier than usual. Ben unscrews the lid and finds many diamonds, rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings clustered together in the tin. Ben hears Granny approaching and quickly puts the tin back and sits back down at the table completely shocked! He goes home and now can't wait to see his grandma again to find out about these jewels. But when his dad rings granny up, granny says she's too busy that evening to have Ben sleep over.

Film adaptation[edit]

The book has been adapted into a 66-minute film for BBC One, which was shown on 26 December 2013.

Theatre adaptation[edit]

The book has also been adapted into a 130-minute theatre performance by the Birmingham Stage Company. It toured the United Kingdom until July 2017. It then became a play at the Garrick Theatre in the West End from 26 July to 3 September 2017.[3]

  • Gilly Tompkins as Granny
  • Ashley Cousins as Ben
  • Laura Girling as Mum
  • Ben Martin as Dad
  • Umar Malik as Raj
  • Alison Fitzjohn as Matron
  • Richard James as Doctor
  • Louise Bailey as Queen/Female Understudy
  • Aaron Thirara as Male Understudy


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