Gangster Story

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Gangster Story
Directed by Walter Matthau
Produced by Jonathan Daniels (producer)
Wayne Mitchell (associate producer)
Written by Richard Grey (story)
Paul Purcell (writer)
V.J. Rheims (story)
Starring Walter Matthau
Cinematography Max Glenn
Edited by Radley Metzger
Release dates
December 1959
Running time
65 minutes
Country USA
Language English

Gangster Story is a 1959 American film directed by and starring Walter Matthau. The film was edited by Radley Metzger.[1]

Plot summary[edit]

A mobster is hiding from the law in a small town and he's running out of money, so he robs a bank and rakes in some big bucks. However, now, not only are the cops after him, but so is the local mob boss who is jealous that an outsider pulled such a job in his territory, and especially without giving him a piece of the pie.




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