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The Ganhada (variously spelled, but often as G̱anhada) is the name for the Raven "clan" (phratry) in the language of the Tsimshian nation of British Columbia, Canada, and southeast Alaska. It is considered analogous or identical to the G̱anada (Raven/Frog) Tribe of the Nisga'a nation in British Columbia and the Frog clan among B.C.'s Gitxsan nation. The Gitxsan also sometimes use the term Laxsee'le to describe the Frog clan.

Nisg̱a'a - G̱anada[edit]

Selt or snake, Tsimshian of Gitwanga, British Columbia. Past Wellcome L0015090.jpg

The house groups of the G̱anada among the Nisga’a include:

  • Git-Wilt'uutskwhl Aks (People-Where-Water-Runs-Black) Clan:
    • wilps Ax̱dii Wil Luu-Gooda - Wallace Clark
    • wilps Ksim X̱saan - Oscar Mercer
    • wilps Wil luu-g̱aamiks Hloḵs - Wayne Nisyok
  • wilps Tx̱aatḵ'anlax̱hatkw - Sidney Alexander
  • wilps Luux̱hoon - Bert Adams, Sr
  • wilps Ax̱hlaawaals - Richard Leeson
  • wilps Ni’isjoohl - (previously Horace Stevens)
  • wilps Hay'maas - Chester Moore
  • wilps Ax̱dii'anx̱smax - Larry Derrick
  • '"wilps laadax - Leonard Watts

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