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Ganita-yukti-bhasa (also written as Ganita Yuktibhasa) is either the title or a part of the title of three different books:

  • Ganita-yukti-bhasa (Rationales in Mathematical Astronomy) of Jyesthadeva,[1] published by Springer,[2] is the first critical edition with an English translation of Yuktibhasa, a seminal treatise in the Malayalam language composed in c.1530 CE by Jyeshthadeva. one of the most significant personalities of the Kerala school of astronomy and mathematics. The book is published in two volumes as Volume I and Volume II. Jyeshthadeva's Yuktibhasa discusses various topics in mathematics and astronomy and it is purported to be an enunciation of the rationales underlying the various mathematical assertions and the astronomical concepts and computations in the great treatise Tantrasamgraha of Nilakantha Somayaji (1444–1544). (An edition of the mathematical portion of Yuktibhasa with some explanatory notes in Malayalam had appeared in 1948.[3])
  • In addition to Jyshthadeva's Yuktibhasa, Kerala school of astronomy and mathematics had produced another work called Ganita Yuktibhasa.[4] In contrast to Jyeshthadeva's Yuktibhasa, this work is in Sanskrit. The date of composition and the name of the author of this work in Sanskrit have not been determined with certainty. The book appears to be of a later period and seems to have been composed as a somewhat rough Sanskrit translation of the Malayalam original Yuktibhasa.
  • Ganita Yuktibhasa (Volume III)[5] is the title of a book published by Indian Institute of Advanced Study (IIAS), Shimla, and it is a critical edition of the Sanskrit Ganita Yuktibhasa.[6] This is intended as the third volume of a series on Yuktibhasa, the first two volumes being Volume I and Volume II of Ganita-yukti-bhasa (Rationales in Mathematical Astronomy) of Jyeshthadeva published by Springer.

More on Ganita-yukti-bhasa (Rationales in Mathematical Astronomy) of Jyesthadeva[edit]

This edition of Yuktibhasa has been divided into two volumes, even though the original Malayalam text has no such division. Volume I deals with mathematics and Volume II treats astronomy. Each volume is divided into three parts: First part is an English translation of the relevant Malayalam part of Yuktibhasa, second part contains detailed explanatory notes on the translation, and in the third part the text in the Malayalam original is reproduced. The English translation is by K.V. Sarma and the explanatory notes are provided by Ramasubramanian, K., Srinivas, M.D. and Sriram, M.S..

Volume I dealing with mathematics is divided into seven chapters. The topics discussed are the eight mathematical operations, a certain set of ten problems, arithmetic of fractions, rule of three, Kuttakara (linear indeterminate equations), infinite series and approximations for the ratio of the circumference and diameter of a circle and infinite series and approximations for sines.[7]

Volume II dealing with astronomy is divided into eight chapters. The topics covered are computation of mean and true longitudes of planets, Earth and celestial spheres, fifteen problems relating to ascension, declination, longitude, etc., determination of time, place, direction, etc., from gnomonic shadow, eclipses, Vyatipata (when the sun and moon have the same declination), visibility correction for planets and phases of the moon.[7]


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