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Kafin Madaki
LGA and town
Country  Nigeria
State Bauchi State
Time zone WAT (UTC+1)

Ganjuwa is a Local Government Area of Bauchi State, Nigeria. It was curved out from the Darazo Local Government in September, 1991 and it’s bordered with Jigawa State from the North and Gombe State from the South East. The Local Government also shares border with the following Local Governments: - Bauchi Local Government from the South, Toro Local Government from the West, Ningi Local Government from the North West, Darazo Local Government from the North South East and Kirfi Local Government from the East. Based on the 2006 Population Census figure, the Local Government has 280, 486 population with numerous tribes/languages, but prominent among them are Gerawa, Denawa, Miyawa, Kariyawa, Hausawa, Fulanis among others. Ganjuwa Local Government now has one (1) District, eight (8) Village Areas and 122 Hamlets. The Madaki of Bauchi is the District Head of Ganjuwa, and the King maker of the Bauchi Emirate.

Its headquarters are in the town of Kafin Madaki forty seven (47) kilometers from the State Capital along Kano Road. The most urban towns of the Local Government are Kafin Madaki at the centre being the Local Government Administrative Headquarter, Soro from the East, Miya from the West.

It has an area of 5,059 km² Major Occupations: Farming, Trading, Cattle rearing, Weaving, Iron Bending, Black-Smithing and Fishery. Major Crops: FOOD - Sorgum, Millet, Maize, Rice. CASH - Beans, G/Nuts, Millet and Sugar-cane.

Religion: Predominately Islam. There are Christian and Traditional religions. Climate: Hottest in April and May, Coldest between December and February.

Educational Institutions: Ten Post Primary Institutions, Government Girls’ College Kafin Madaki (Special School), Government Day Secondary School each at Kafin Madaki, Miya, Nassarawa, Yali, Sabon Kariya, Zalanga & Gungura. Government Secondary School Soro and Technical College, Kafin, Madaki.

Health Institutions: General Hospital Kafin Madaki, Health Centres at Soro, Miya and Nassarawa. Ganjuwa Local Government has Sixty One (61) Health facilities across the Local Government. Commercial & Industrial Activities: Some few cottage industries exist in rural area’s like soap making, knitting, weaving established by some women groups and bakery, bricks moulding, block moulding, semi industry poultry, etc.

Transport & Communication: A good road network. There is a Trunk ‘A’ road that cut across the Local Government in two places i.e. Bauchi - Kano by the west and Bauchi - Maiduguri by the East. There are a number of Trunk ‘B’ and feeder roads leading to major Towns and Villages. The Local Gov’t is connected with a dedicated telephone line - 077 540182 & GSM services.

Power Supply: The Local Government is connected with National Grid. Nature & Mineral Resources: endowed with large deposits of untapped mineral resources found mostly all over the Local Government in various quantity and nature. These include: - Kaolin all over the Local Government. - Marble around Siri. - Petroleum products around Gungura. - Columbine, Clay & Silica sand around Bunga, Jangu, Wushi and Kalasu. - Tin-mining around Jimbin, Laguru and Siri Zurhu. - Precious stones around Kafin Madaki, Deno, Kubi, Yaga, Kariya and Kafin Zaki Dam.

Monuments & Tourist Attraction: Famous Babban Gwani found at the Palace of the District Head of Ganjuwa in Kafin Madaki was constructed in 1860. - First Yakubun Bauchi Mosque at Gilliri Village. - Ganjuwa Cave at Ganjuwa Village. - Kariya Red-Stone. - Proposed multi-million naira Kafin Zaki Dam. - Gubi Dam at Firo. - There is the State’s NYSC Orientation Camp at Wailo. - 65% of Sumu Park is in Ganjuwa Local Government.

Local Generated Revenue: An average of N879, 769:00 Monthly is generated mostly from Markets.

The postal code of the area is 742.[1]


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