Gansu Dunhuang Solar Park

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Gansu Dunhuang Solar Park
A part of the station
Gansu Dunhuang Solar Park is located in China
Gansu Dunhuang Solar Park
Location of Gansu Dunhuang Solar Park
Country China
Location Gansu Province
Coordinates 40°04′N 94°30′E / 40.067°N 94.500°E / 40.067; 94.500Coordinates: 40°04′N 94°30′E / 40.067°N 94.500°E / 40.067; 94.500
Status Operational
Commission date January 2013
Solar field
Type Flat-panel PV
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 50 MWp
Annual output 78.2 GWh[1]:2,5

The Gansu Dunhuang Solar Park is a 50-megawatt (MW) photovoltaic power station located in the Gansu Province, in China. All of the modules, which range from 230 to 240 watts, are mounted at a fixed tilt angle of 38°. It is located in the Photoelectricity Park of Dunhuang City.[2] China's first solar power plant, 10 MW, was built here and commissioned on 30 September 2009. An additional 95 MW is expected in 2013, and 5,000 MW by 2020.[3]

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