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This article is about the Austrian disco band. For the American band, see Ganymede (band). For other uses, see Ganymede.
Origin Vienna, Austria
Genres Adult contemporary (in their final album), art rock, Austropop, dance-punk, dance, experimental, krautrock, new wave, neo-psychedelia, Neue Deutsche Welle, progressive rock, space disco, space rock, synthpop, electropunk, techno
Years active 1977–1983
Labels Bellaphon Records
Past members Gerry Edmond
Yvonne Dory
Rudolf Mille
Gerhard Messinger
Ernst Nekola
Daniele Prencipe

Ganymed was an Austrian/German space disco band founded in 1977.

In 1978, they released their biggest hit, “It Takes Me Higher”, which hit #5 on the Austrian charts for four weeks and also hit #23 on the German charts. That same year, they released their debut album Takes You Higher, which ranked at #16 for 12 weeks and also spawned another single, “Saturn”.

1979 saw the release of their second album, Future World. The album’s title track was released as a B-side to “Dancing in a Disco”. Afterwards, they released their final album, Dimension No. 3, plus a non-album single, “Money Is Addiction (Of This Crazy World)” in 1980. At their last concert in 1981, Falco played bass for the group. Ganymed officially broke up in 1983.


  • Gerry Edmond (real name Edmund Gerhard Czerwenka; pseudonym in the group: "Kroonk") – lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, synth programming
  • Yvonne Dory (real name Doris Yvonne Czerwenka; pseudonym in the group: "Pulsaria") – vocals
  • Rudolf Mille (pseudonym in the group: "Vendd") – keyboards
  • Gerhard Messinger-Neuwirth (pseudonym in the group: "Izl") – bass, keyboards
  • Ernst Nekola-Hefter (pseudonym in the group: "Cak") – drums, percussion, drum programming
  • Daniele Prencipe (pseudonym in the group: "Suk"; only appeared on "Takes You Higher") – keyboards



  • Takes You Higher (1978)
  • Future World (1979)
  • Dimension No. 3 (1980)


  • "It Takes Me Higher" (1978)
  • "Saturn/Music Drives Me Crazy" (1978)
  • "Dancing in a Disco" (1979)
  • "Money Is Addiction (Of This Crazy World)" (1980)
  • "Bring Your Love To Me" (1980)


Two source cues (#192 and #193) on the Film Score Monthly release of the complete soundtrack for the 1981 movie Outland (2010)

In popular culture[edit]

"It Takes Me Higher" was used as the theme song for the Italian version of the Japanese anime Gaiking.

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