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Industry Manufacturer / Importer
Genre Toy Maker
Founded 1950
Founder Samuel Ganz and children Sam , Jack and Miriam
Headquarters Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada
Products Webkinz
Webkinz Jr. Webkinz friends, Nakamas, Amazing world

Ganz is a Canadian company best known for distributing plush animals and collectibles. They are the manufacturer of Webkinz, the toy with an interactive virtual-reality Internet site for children.[1]

Founded in 1950 by Holocaust survivors Samuel Ganz and sons Jack and Sam Ganz, it was originally called Ganz Bros.Toys.[2] and sold products for the Canadian home market. They were also carnival suppliers and manufactured many products in their own factory. A private company with headquarters just north of Toronto in Woodbridge, Ontario, Ganz is known as a user of Ty's copyrighted TyTips fabric, which is used for several of the older Webkinz.

The success of Webkinz, first released in 2005, and other similar items helped the fortunes of the Ganz family who then decided to start The Webkinz Foundation. The Webkinz Foundation is a charitable organization that focuses on supporting children's programs worldwide and provides the company with valuable marketing and tax benefits.

Product lines[edit]

  • Webkinz: A line of plush animals with a secret code that unlocks an online world to explore. These are designed for children from ages 6–13. Since their launch in 2005, the Webkinz line has made Ganz grow in value and has received interactive online site awards.[specify] Webkinz plush toys can be found around the world. In May 2012, Ganz added their first Facebook beta game called Webkinz Friends where players can design and create their own towns and complete challenges and tasks along the way.
  • Webkinz Jr: A line of plush animals made with soft material. They are designed for children from ages 2–5. The site, similar to Webkinz, features an interactive online world where kids can play and learn.
  • Tail Towns: A site similar to Webkinz, but for ages 13+. You can access Tail Towns through the purchase of a Tail Towns Figurine. It was supposed to be released in March 2011 as a regular website, but instead opened on Facebook as a beta game called Tail Town Friends, which is similar to that of Webkinz Friends.
  • Amazing World: Amazing World is a 3D world where players can play with their Zings and decorate their land given to them in the game as well as complete tasks along the way. Plush toys and figurines are included in the line. There is also a beta game on Facebook called Amazing World Friends that is very similar to that of Tail Town Friends and Webkinz Friends.
  • Soft Spots: A line of small plush animals with soft, fuzzy material and will make a sound if squeezed.
  • Tubby Tummies: Large pot-bellied plush, ranging in designs of teddy bears and other animals.
  • Nakamas: Nakamas are plushes with long, skinny limbs and are aimed towards younger users.
  • Wrinkles: A line of plush dog toys, originally released in the 1980s.
  • Heritage Collection: A plush line that features a variety of stuffed animals designed by Ganz, ranging in new and vintage styles.
  • Zoey's Design Academy: A game on the computer about making designs on clothes.
  • Webkinz Friends: A game on Facebook for ages 13+. A spin-off of Webkinz (closed September 2, 2014)
  • Silly Scoops: Miniature collectible plushies based on a combination of animals and ice cream flavors;


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