Gao Jichong

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Gao Jichong
last king of Jingnan (more...)
5th and last king of Jingnan (Nanping)
Reign 962–963
Predecessor Gao Baoxu, uncle
Full name
Surname: Gāo ()
Given name: Jìchōng ()
Courtesy name: Chénghé ()
Father Gao Baorong

Gao Jichong (高繼沖) (943–973) was the last King of Jingnan during imperial China's Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. He ruled from 962 to 963 until his country was overrun by the Song Dynasty forces with little resistance.

In the year of 962, Jichong's predecessor Baoxu died. He was then appointed Jiedushi of Jingnan region by the Song dynasty central government. This was only a ceremonial act since the jiedushi realm of Jingnan is an independent country de facto.

Later in the year of 962,Zhou Baoquan,Jiedushi of Wuping died. Leaving his son in power. A general under Baoquan's command rebelled against Baoquan's son and consequently drew the attention of the central government. Armed forces were sent to appeace this general's rebellion. When the Song army was passing through the Jingnan, it easily took control of the capital city of Jingnan, Jiangling. The Song forces did not meet much resistance since Jichong ordered his forces to surrender immediately knowing that it is impossible for him to keep his country any longer under such dire situations.

After the dissolution of the state of Jingnan, he worked as a local officer in Xuzhou. He died in the year of 973.