Gaobu, Guangdong

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Country China
Province Guangdong
Prefecture Dongguan
 • Total 30 km2 (10 sq mi)
Population (2010) 217,436
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Postal code 523000
Area code(s) 769
License plate prefixes 粤S
Gaobu, Guangdong
Chinese 高埗
Literal meaning High 'Po'

Gaobu (高埗) is a town located within the Shuixiang Area, which is the 5th largest of 6 'areas' under the jurisdiction of Dongguan prefecture-level city in Guangdong province, southern China.

Coordinates: 23°05′28″N 113°43′44″E / 23.091102°N 113.728838°E / 23.091102; 113.728838


Gao Bu Town is located south of the Tropic of Cancer, latitude 23 ° 05'-23 ° 08 ', longitude 113 ° 45', and enjoys a subtropical climate, mild climate, evergreen flora and an annual average temperature of around 21.9 ℃.[1]

The town is approximately 7.5 km in width from North to South and 4.5 km wide, with a total area of 34 square kilometers. Gaobu runs along the Dongjiang River tributary and has an elevation of between 1m and 4m. It is often subject to floods and water-logging.


In 2009, the official residential population was 162,000, distributed into 37,600 households. Under the jurisdiction of a community, Gaobu has 18 village committees.


Gaobu is located North of the 'city' area of Dongguan, connected with convenient transportation. The town forms part of the "four vertical and four horizontal" modern transportation network, connecting the Dongguan-Shenzhen Expressway, Guangzhou-Huizhou Expressway, High-speed and Wando East Guangyuan Road. The result is a connection with Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Huizhou and surrounding Towns, creating the vision of a "one hour economic circle." Dongguan city can be reached in around 20 minutes drive from Gaobu. To get to the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport is about 60 minutes drive, and to Shenzhen's Airport is about 40 minutes drive. To reach Humen Port will need around 30 minutes' drive. The Kowloon-Canton railway (KCR) Station in Shilong is 20 minutes away and the Dongguan East Railway Station is about 40 minutes by car.


All towns and zones in the Shuixiang Area are as follows:

Map (Gaobu is #5)
Dongguan mcp.png
# Name Hanzi Hanyu Pinyin Population (2010 Census) Area (km²) Density (/km²)
Shuixiang Area 1,109,686 315.0 3,522.81
4 Wanjiang District 万江区 Wànjiāng Qū 244,765 50.5 4,846.83
5 Gaobu Town 高埗镇 Gāobù Zhèn 217,436 30.0 7,247.86
6 Zhongtang Town 中堂镇 Zhōngtáng Zhèn 139,563 60.0 2,326.05
7 Machong Town 麻涌镇 Máchǒng Zhèn 118,062 74.0 1,595.43
8 Wangniudun Town 望牛墩镇 Wàngniúdūn Zhèn 84,786 31.5 2,685.65
10 Hongmei Town 洪梅镇 Hóngméi Zhèn 58,114 33.0 1,761.03
32 Shijie Town 石碣镇 Shíjié Zhèn 246,960 36.0 6,860.00


Under the township motto "united, energized, pragmatic, dedicated and daring", the Gaobu community has developed an international, export-oriented economy. The town plays host to businesses from Taiwan, Honk Kong, Japan, Germany, Canada, Italy, Belgium, France, South Korea to name a few. The total number is around 200 foreign-invested enterprises, investing a total foreign investment amount of no less than $320 million.

Industries here include electronics, plastics, toys, hardware, shoes, bags and other fashion accessories.

Gaobu is home to some very successful international companies, including Yue Yuen Group, Lee & Man Holding Company, key telecommunications companies, high-tech electronics factories, Bai Hong electronics factory, Jianhong glasses factory, Cosmosupplylab, (one of the top 200 suppliers to Apple Inc.[2][3]) and eyewear manufacturer and retailer Luxottica .


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