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Gaon The Village No More
Directed byGautam Singh
Produced byGautam Singh, Neha Singh
Screenplay byGautam Singh
Music byChinmay Hulyalkar (Background)
CinematographyNaiyer Ghufran
Edited byAdrian Billing, Gautam Singh
Release date
October 26, 2018

Gaon The Village No More is an Indian film directed by the filmmaker Gautam Singh[1][2]. The film stars Shadab Kamal [3], Omkar Das Manikpuri, Shishir Sharma and Neha Mahajan.

The film is scheduled to release on October 26, 2018. [4] [5][6][7]. .


This film is inspired by director Gautam Singh Sigdar’s own village in Jharkhand, India. The film talks about the way the element of money impacts the society. It attempts to showcase the journey that India has gone through in the last 200 years in a nutshell[8]. Bharat, the village, is self-reliant with everyone contributing towards the well being of the rest of the villagers. Things dramatically transforms when an outsider, called Bharat, enters the village. The village Bharat and the man Bharat represent diametrically opposite interpretations of ideas.



The film took five years to complete as director Gautam Singh was made it while he held a full time job in Qatar. [9]


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