Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards

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Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards
Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards logo.jpg.png
Official logo of the 3rd Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards
Awarded for Excellence in music
Country South Korea
Presented by Korea Music Content Industry Association
First awarded 2011
Official website
Television/Radio coverage
Network KBS Joy (2012)

The Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards (Hangul가온 차트 K-POP 어워드) is a major music awards show that is held annually in South Korea by the national music record chart Gaon Chart. The awards focus more on songs and albums rather than musicians. Award finalists are based on the previous year's Gaon year-end chart performance according to data for sales of songs and albums.

Host venues[edit]

Bout Year Date Host City Venue Host
1st 2011 February 22, 2012 Seoul, South Korea Blue Square Samsung Card Hall Kim Taeyeon & Joo Young-hoon
2nd 2012 February 13, 2013 Olympic Hall in Seoul's Olympic Park Son Ga-In & Joo Young-hoon
3rd 2013 February 12, 2014 Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul's Olympic Park[1] Kwon Yuri & Oh Sang-jin
4th 2014 January 28, 2015 Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul's Olympic Park[2] Leeteuk & Lee Hyeri


Artist of the Year (Song)[edit]

Bout Year Winners
January February March April May June July August September October November December
1st 2011 Secret IU K.Will Big Bang 2NE1 Secret T-ara Leessang Davichi Lee Seung-gi Wonder Girls IU
2nd 2012 T-ara Big Bang Busker Busker Girls' Generation-TTS Wonder Girls 2NE1 Psy Seo In-guk & Jung Eun-ji Gain Lee Hi Lee Seung-gi
3rd 2013 Girls' Generation Sistar19 Davichi Psy 4Minute Sistar Dynamic Duo San E Soyou & Mad Clown IU Miss A Seo In-guk & Zia
4th 2014 Girl's Day Soyou & Jung Gigo 2NE1 Akdong Musician g.o.d Taeyang San E & Raina Park Bo Ram Sistar Kim Dong Ryul MC Mong A Pink
5th 2015 Mad Clown Naul MC Mong Miss A Big Bang IU & Park Myeong-soo

Artist of the Year (Album)[edit]

Bout Year Winners
1st quarter 2nd quarter 3rd quarter 4th quarter
1st 2011 TVXQ Beast Super Junior Girls' Generation
2nd 2012 Big Bang Girls' Generation-TTS TVXQ
3rd 2013 Girls' Generation Cho Yong-pil EXO
4th 2014 TVXQ EXO-K Super Junior
5th 2015 EXO Super Junior

New Artist of the Year[edit]


Bout Year Winners
Male Group Female Group Male Solo Female Solo
1st 2011 B1A4 A Pink Huh Gak Kim Bo-kyung
2nd 2012 B.A.P Hello Venus John Park Ailee
3rd 2013 Bangtan Boys Ladies' Code Jung Joon-young Lim Kim
4th 2014 WINNER Mamamoo - -
5th 2015 - - - -

Discovery of the Year[edit]

Bout Year Winners (category)
1st 2011 The Koxx Noel Girl's Day
2nd 2012 3rd Line Butterfly (Indie) Double K (Hip Hop) A Pink (Hot Trend)
3rd 2013 Rose Motel (Indie) B.A.P (World Rookie) Crayon Pop (Hot Trend)
4th 2014 Block B (Hot Trend) Bangtan Boys (World Rookie) EXID (Hot Trend)

Long-Run Song of the Year[edit]

Bout Year Winner Song
3rd 2013 Girl's Day "Expectation"
4th 2014 Soyou & Jung Gigo "Some"

Popular Singer of the Year[edit]

Bout Year Winner Song
3rd 2013 Roy Kim & Jung Joon-young "Becoming Dust"
4th 2014 Im Chang-jung "A Glass of Soju"

International Song of the Year[edit]

Bout Year Winner Song
1st 2011 Maroon 5 "Moves like Jagger"
2nd 2012 Maroon 5 "Payphone"
3rd 2013 DJ Gollum "The Bad Touch"
4th 2014 Maroon 5 "Maps"

Hot Performance of the Year[edit]

Bout Year Winner
3rd 2013 A Pink
4th 2014 AOA

Genre Award[edit]

Bout Year Winner (category)
4th 2014 Epik High (Hip hop)

Mobile Vote Popularity Award[edit]

Bout Year Winner
3rd 2013 EXO
4th 2014 EXO

Special Awards[edit]

Bout Year Awards Winners
1st 2011 Oricon Special Award Girls' Generation
2nd 2012 Hallyu Special Award CN Blue
3rd 2013 Kpop World Hallyu Star Special Award 2NE1
4th 2014 Kpop World Hallyu Star Special Award KARA
4th 2014 Weibo Kpop Star Award Super Junior

Composer/Lyricist of the Year[edit]

Bout Year Winners
Composer Lyricist
1st 2011 Yoon Il-sang Kim Eana
2nd 2012 Teddy Kim Eana
3rd 2013 Duble Sidekick Kim Eana
4th 2014 Kim Do Hoon Min Yeon Jae

Performers of the Year[edit]

Bout Year Winners
Backup Vocal Instrumental
1st 2011 Kim Hyun-a Kang Soo-ho
2nd 2012 Kim Hyo-soo Shin Hyun-kwon
3rd 2013 Gil Eun-kyung Tommy Kim
4th 2014 Kang Tae-woo Jang-hyeok

Style of the Year[edit]

Bout Year Winners
Choreographer Stylist
1st 2011 Prepix Seo Soo-kyung
2nd 2012 Lee Joo-seon Song Jeong-ok
3rd 2013 Yama & Hot Chicks Jung Bo-yoon
4th 2014 Choreography Team DQ Park Seo-hyun, Choi Ji-hyang

Sound Engineer of the Year[edit]

Bout Year Winner
1st 2011 Ko Seung-wook
2nd 2012 Jeon Hoon
3rd 2013 Jo Joon-sung

Producer of the Year[edit]

Bout Year Winner
1st 2011 Kim Kwang-soo (Core Contents Media)
2nd 2012 Yang Hyun-suk (YG Entertainment)
3rd 2013 Yang Hyun-suk (YG Entertainment)
4th 2014 Kim Shi-dae (Starship Entertainment)

Kpop Contribution Award[edit]

Bout Year Winner
1st 2011 Lee Soo-man
2nd 2012 Hong Seung-sung
3rd 2013 Cho Yong-pil
4th 2014 Shin Hae-chul

New Media Platform[edit]

Bout Year Winners
1st 2011 YouTube
3rd 2013 Bugs!
4th 2014 Kakao Music

Music Distribution[edit]

Bout Year Winners
Online Offline
2nd 2012 LOEN Entertainment KMP Holdings
3rd 2013 CJ E&M Music
4th 2014 Universal Music

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