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Gaoui is located in Chad
Coordinates: 12°10′51″N 15°08′51″E / 12.1807°N 15.1476°E / 12.1807; 15.1476Coordinates: 12°10′51″N 15°08′51″E / 12.1807°N 15.1476°E / 12.1807; 15.1476
Country Chad
RegionChari-Baguirmi Region

Gaoui (Arabic: خاوي‎) is a village in Chad, lying 10km north east of N'Djamena. It is said to have been the capital of the Sao civilisation (a race of giants in local folklore)[1] and is now known for its traditional architecture and pottery manufacture. It is also home to a museum.

The 2003 film Abouna was partly filmed in the village.


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