Gar County

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Gar County
Location of Gar County within Tibet
Location of Gar County within Tibet
Country China
Region Tibet
Prefecture Ngari Prefecture
Capital Ali (Gar)

Gar County (Tibetan: སྒར་རྫོང་ wylie: sgar rdzong; Chinese: 噶尔县; Pinyin:Gá'ěr Xiàn) is a county in the Ngari Prefecture of the western Tibet Autonomous Region of China. The main town is Shiquanhe, once known as the city of Gar and often known as Ali in English.


Main rivers in the county include Sênggê Zangbo and Gar Zangbo.



Coordinates: 32°05′49″N 80°21′23″E / 32.09694°N 80.35639°E / 32.09694; 80.35639