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Garance Doré
Mariline Fiori

May 1, 1975
Corsica, France
OccupationBlogger, Illustrator, Photographer, Author
WebsiteGarance Doré

Garance Doré (born May 1, 1975 in Corsica, France) is a French photographer, illustrator and author, best known for her fashion blog.


Doré, born Mariline Fiori, was working as a freelance illustrator in France before beginning her blog, in 2006. Her original illustrations have been featured by Louis Vuitton, Dior, Kate Spade, and Gap.[1] Shortly after beginning her blog, Doré began incorporating writing into her posts.

In 2007, Doré began to feature photography of people around Paris on her blog, a format now known as "streetstyle". Since this time, she has worked with Chloé, Chopard, David Yurman, Tiffany & Co., and J. Crew on photography collaborations.[1] She was named in a New York Times article as the "guardian of all style".[2]

In 2009, Doré began creating video content for her blog. Within a few months she was collaborating on video content with major brands, such as Dior, Chopard, Tiffany & Co., Petit Bateau, J. Crew, Max Mara and Kering,[1] and, in 2012, had developed her own YouTube series "Pardon My French".[3] Previous "Pardon My French" episodes have focused on Fashion Week and interviews with Stella McCartney,[4] Jenna Lyons,[5] Dries van Noten[6] and Anna Dello Russo.[7] In 2012, Doré and then-boyfriend Scott Schuman won the Council of Fashion Designers of America Media Award.[8]

In 2014 Doré and long time boyfriend Scott Schuman, of The Sartorialist,[9] announced the end of their relationship.[10]

In 2016, Doré became engaged to jazz musician, Chris Norton. They separated in 2018.[11]

She currently resides in Venice, Los Angeles.


Doré's work has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, Vogue, Self Service and French Elle (magazine). Her work as a photographer, illustrator and author has appeared in a variety of publications, including The New York Times, T: The New York Times Style Magazine, New York Magazine, Vogue, British Vogue, The Guardian, and Elle (magazine).[12]


In 2012, Doré and Schuman won the CFDA’s Eugenia Sheppard Media Award, and were the first bloggers to receive this award.


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