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Garangao is a traditional children's party celebrated after the breaking of the fast on the 14th night of Ramadan, when half of the fasting month is over. The festival is celebrated in the Arabian countries and in Al-Ahwaz (south of Iran)[1] and is known by different names in each region: Garangao or Garangaou in Qatar and Bahrain, Karkee'aan or Qariqaan in Saudi Arabia, Gargee'aan in Kuwait, Al-Majeena Karkiaan in Iraq, Garangashoch, At-Tablah or Qarnakosh in Oman, and Hag Al Leylah in the UAE.

During the festival, children get dressed up in festival robes, carry a bag around their neck, and go around in groups in the neighborhood, singing special songs,[2] knocking the doors of neighbors, and receiving nuts and candy from them.

These days, organizations and malls or cultural centers organize special events for this festival where children are given a chance to participate in many activities and are given various gifts besides the traditional nuts and candies.[3]