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Garasia (also spelled Girasia) is a Scheduled Tribe living in the forest areas of the Indian states of Rajasthan and Gujarat.[citation needed] They are divided into Rajput Garasia, Dungri Garasia and Bhil Garasia.

They are based mainly in the Pali, Sirohi and Udaipur districts of Rajasthan.[citation needed]

Social order[edit]

Present-day Garasias are characterised by several social divisions with well-defined relationships. These divisions have appeared out of situations of culture contact and acculturation. Further, group heterogeneity also supports a stratified order. Constant contact with others like Bhils and Hindus has led to several changes in the social order of this tribe. Today Garasias are divided into Rajput Garasia, Dungri Garasia and Bhil Garasia.[1][2]

Rajput Garasia are the outcome of cultural blending of Rajputs and Garasias with the adoption of Rajput clan names. This has led to cultural isolation from other Garasias. Rajput Garasias distinguish themselves as superior and usually maintain distance from other Garasias.[citation needed]



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