Garba Tula

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Garba Tulla is a town in Northern Kenya. The town has an urban population of about 5,500 [1]. In 2007 it was up-graded to a District status. The First Settlement of Indian was back in 1900. In 1940's Graba Tulla Was a very small Village and only had three shops on main road. Mr. Joseph Onyango became the first District Commissioner on 17 November 2007. The district is already a fully fledged one. The town has been known for its famous National School run by NCCK. Garba Tula is located 120 km East of Isiolo town. The urban center of Mado Gashi is located about 100 km North East of Garba Tula. It is about 90 km to Maua town via Kinna, up to which the road is an all-weather one, and then tarmac which starts right at the gates of Meru National Park which is about 60 km away from Garba Tula town and about 14 km from Kinna town. The locals of the town are the Boran people of mostly Muslim background.

Coordinates: 0°32′N 38°31′E / 0.533°N 38.517°E / 0.533; 38.517