García Fernández of Castile

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García Fernández of Castile
García Fernandez-Medallon-Plaza Mayor (Salamanca).jpg
García Fernández of Castile
Spouse(s) Ava de Ribagorza
Noble family Beni Mamaduna
Father Fernán González of Castile
Mother Sancha Sánchez of Pamplona
Born c. 938
Died 995

García Fernández, called of the White Hands (Spanish: Él de las Manos Blancas) (Burgos, c. 938 – Córdoba, 995), was the count of Castile and Alava from 970 to 995. In May 995, he was captured by a raiding party while out hunting.[1] Wounded in the encounter, he was sent to Cordoba as a trophy, but died at Medinaceli in June 995.[1]


The son of Count Fernán González and Queen Sancha Sánchez of Pamplona, in 970 he succeeded his father as Count of Castile. He continued to recognise the suzerainty of the Kingdom of León, even though he was practically autonomous. In order to expand his frontiers at the expense of the Moors, in 974 he expanded the social base of the nobility by promulgating decrees stating that any villein of Castrojeriz who equipped a knight for battle would enter the ranks of the nobility. He was succeeded by his son, Sancho I of Castile.

Marriage and issue[edit]

Around 960, Garcia married Ava de Ribagorza,[2] daughter of Raymond II, count of Ribagorza. They had seven children:


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García Fernández of Castile
Beni Mamaduna
Born: 938 Died: 995
Preceded by
Fernán González
Count of Castile
Succeeded by
Sancho García