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Garcihernández is a village and municipality in the province of Salamanca, western Spain, part of the autonomous community of Castile-Leon. It is located 30 kilometres from the provincial capital city of Salamanca and has a population of 590 people.

It was the location of the Battle of Garcia Hernandez in 1812, during the Peninsular War.


The municipality covers an area of 47.59 km².

It lies 814 metres above sea level.

The post code is 37810.


The basis of the economy is agriculture. Garcihernández has resisted the large-scale abandonment of most of the villages of the Alba de Tormes area due to urban developments in the 1990s in Spain. Many people from Garcihernandez worked in masonry in the capital, or somewhere else, in these years and stayed living in their own village. So the emigration stopped.[clarification needed]


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Coordinates: 40°52′N 5°26′W / 40.867°N 5.433°W / 40.867; -5.433