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Coordinates: 61°5′10″N 9°0′43″E / 61.08611°N 9.01194°E / 61.08611; 9.01194

Finds from the Gardberg Site. © 2016 Kulturhistorisk museum, UiO / CC BY-SA 4.0

Gardberg Site (Gardbergfeltet) is an archaeological site located east of the Einang Sound in the municipality of Vestre Slidre, Oppland County, Norway.[1]

Gardberg consists of several burial cairns and clearance cairns as well as areas of early industry and farming. It is the location of about 550 burial mounds dating from the Roman Iron Age and the Viking Era. Investigations have established that the site was inhabited from the Stone Age. Situated on one of the bigger burial mounds is the Einang stone (Einangsteinen), estimated to c. AD 300.[2][3]

The combined site of Gardberg and the Einang stone covers more than 2 square kilometers (0.77 sq mi) and is accessible from spring through autumn. The attraction is located in the traditional district of Valdres and is managed by the Valdres Museum in Fagernes.[4]


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