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For the shopping centre, see Garden City Shopping Centre (Winnipeg).

Garden City is a neighbourhood in the northern part of Winnipeg, Manitoba. It has a land area of 2.32 square kilometres, and a population of 5,650 as of 2001.

It is a defined neighbourhood characterization area (NCA) of Winnipeg's Community Data Network, within the east half of the Seven Oaks community area. It corresponds roughly to census tract 6020552.01 and 552.02 of the Canadian Census. It is inside the Old Kildonan council ward of Winnipeg and the Kildonan-St. Paul federal electoral district.


In 2006, the population of Garden City was 5,760 people.[1] The average household income in this area is $58,932 which is around the average for the city, just slightly under by about 5 thousand.


Garden City Crime Rates [2]
Year Homicide Sexual Assault Shooting Robbery - Commercial Robbery - Non-Commercial Break and Enter - Commercial Break and Enter - Residential Break and Enter - Other Motor Theft - Attempt Motor Theft - Actual
2012 0 0 0 121.5 173.6 17.4 260.4 381.9 104.2 329.9


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