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The Garden City Hotel from 7th Street

The Garden City Hotel is a hotel in Garden City, New York. The first incarnation was built in 1874 by A.T. Stewart and the current fourth incarnation was built in 1983 by the late Myron Nelkin. It is famous for having hosted many world leaders and celebrities, including John F. Kennedy, Margaret Thatcher, and Charles Lindbergh, who stayed at the hotel the night before his famous transatlantic flight to Paris.[1]


The original Garden City Hotel first started construction in the fall of 1873 and was opened to great fanfare on July 30, 1874. It was built by millionaire Alexander Turney Stewart and cost $150,000 to build.[2] The original hotel was later redesigned and expanded.[3]

A new Garden City Hotel was opened in 1895, designed by architects McKim, Mead and White. A nine hole golf course was opened for guests in May 1897, which later became the Garden City Golf Club.[4] Four years after the opening of the new hotel, it burned down on the morning of September 7, 1899.[5] A third and most famous incarnation of the hotel was opened on the same site in 1901, and was a host to the elite families of society such as the Vanderbilts and Pierpont Morgans.[6] It continued to be so until it declared bankruptcy and was demolished in the 1973 to make way for the present Garden City Hotel, which opened on May 20, 1983.[7][8][9]

It was reported in October 2007 that the Nelkin family was exploring the sale of the hotel as a possible option several months after the death of its owner, Myron Nelkin.[1][10] The Hotel was sold in September of 2012 to Morris Moinian of The Fortuna Realty Group. [11][12] The property underwent a $30million renovation which included 272 guest rooms and suites, a brand new facade and a 7,000 square foot spa, which is currently under construction.[13]

The Garden City Hotel is currently a member of the Preferred Hotel Group (Preferred Hotels and Resorts Worldwide).[14]


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