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Garden East (Urdu: گارڈ ن ایسٹ ‎) is in Jamshed Town in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Jamshed Town is one of 18 towns of the city.[1] This area surrounds the Karachi Zoological Gardens hence it is popularly known as Gardens.

The area has a large presence of Ismailis due to their Jama'at Khana (or prayer hall) being located there.

The area was predominantly residential but over the last few year smaller commercial areas have grown to cater needs of residents.

Many Restaurants can be found in Big Bite area of the neighborhood.

Cincinnatus Town was developed as a neighborhood for Christians in 1930s. It was later absorbed into a larger settlement and named Garden East.


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Coordinates: 24°53′N 67°02′E / 24.883°N 67.033°E / 24.883; 67.033