Garden of the Dead

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Garden of the Dead
Garden of the Dead.jpg
Directed by John Hayes
Produced by Daniel Cady
Written by
  • Daniel Cady
  • John Jones
Cinematography Paul Hipp
Edited by John Hayes
Millenium Productions
Distributed by Troma Entertainment
Release date
  • August 23, 1972 (1972-08-23)
Running time
85 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Garden of the Dead (also known as Tomb of the Undead) is a 1972 horror film directed by low-budget film director John Hayes and stars Duncan McLeod, Lee Frost and Susan Charney.


A group of prison inmates in a chain gang obtain some experimental formaldehyde, and get high off of it. They later try to escape and are shot dead. They are buried, and rise again to kill everyone in their path, and to find more formaldehyde to get high from.


  • Philip Kenneally
  • Duncan McLeod
  • John Dullaghan as Sgt. Burns
  • John Dennis
  • Susan Charney
  • Marland Proctor as Paul Johnson
  • Tony Vorno
  • Jerome Guardino
  • Lee Frost
  • Eric Stern
  • Virgil Frye
  • Phil Hoover


The film premiered on August 1972,[1] and was later distributed on VHS by Troma Entertainment. In 2004, it was featured on a 3-in-1 Troma DVD.[2] In 2006, Troma released it as part of a 15-in-1 pack.[3]


Writing in The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia, academic Peter Dendle said, "This scruffy low-budget production anticipates the pointless and depressing amateur zombie movies of the early '90s by almost twenty years."[4] Glenn Kay, who wrote Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide, said, "It's all incredibly silly, campy stuff."[5] On Evil Dread, the website rated Garden of the Dead 2/10 stars.[6][unreliable source?]

Bloody Disgusting included the film's poster in their list of the best posters for bad films.[7]

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