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Garden Ornament: a classical Urn at Palm House, the Belfast Botanic Gardens, Northern Ireland.

A Garden ornament is an item used for garden, landscape, and park enhancement and decoration.
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The first known use of garden ornaments became common in the western cultures are in Ancient Roman gardens. A great many examples have been excavated from Pompeii and Herculaneum. The Italian Renaissance garden and Garden à la française were the peak styles of using created forms in the garden and landscape, with high art and kitsch interpretations ever since. The English Landscape Garden expanded the scale of some garden ornaments to temple follies

The Asian tradition of making garden ornaments, often functioning in association with Feng Shui principles, has a nearly timeless history.

The Chinese gardens, with Chinese scholar's rocks, Korean stone art, and Japanese gardens with Suiseki, and the Zen rock gardens have and symbolic meaning and natural ornamental qualities.

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German garden gnome, in a Wendelin landscape.

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