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Gardline Group Ltd
Private (Ltd)
FoundedGreat Yarmouth, England
HeadquartersGreat Yarmouth, Norfolk
Revenue£200m (2013)
Number of employees

The Gardline Group is a holding company based in Great Yarmouth, England. The group consists of more than 35 companies focussed primarily on service industries. The holding company was established in 2009 to bring together a number of existing companies including the original Gardline Shipping, first established in 1969 which continues today, focussed on shipping and other maritime services.


Gardline Shipping was first established in 1969 to provide marine support to offshore oil and gas industry in the North Sea. In 2009, as part of 40th anniversary celebrations, the Gardline Group was established to bring together a large number of multi-disciplinary companies involved in a range of activities that include satellite communications, marine sciences, security, ship building, dry dock engineering, geographical information systems, digital mapping and vessel charters.

The group currently employs around 1,000 personnel worldwide and has a turnover of approximately £140 million (GBP).[1] Gardline is now the largest employer in the Great Yarmouth area.[2] The company continues to sponsor careers fairs in the region.[3]

In 2011, the Gardline Group was ranked the 20th largest in the Norfolk region by the Eastern Daily Press, accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (UK) and law firm Mills & Reeve.[4]

Offshore wind farms[edit]

In recent years, Gardline and its subsidiary companies have expanded their services to include support of offshore wind farms as a core service. The company's offshore wind farm related businesses have experienced significant growth in line with the UK Government's wind farm development programs.[5]

In 2010, Gardline Environmental, a subsidiary of Gardline Marine Services, won a tender to provide environmental survey services for the proposed Dogger Bank offshore wind farm.[6] Later that year, the company announced it had been awarded environmental survey work for the proposed Atlantic Array offshore wind farm project.[7]

In 2012, Gardline announced it had entered a bid to provide port operations services to ScottishPower Renewables and Vattenfall AB, one of the successful consortia in Round 3 of the UK Government's offshore wind farm program.[8] In 2013, another Gardline subsidiary, Alicat Workboats, announced the construction of 4 high-speed catamarans to service the Robin Rigg Wind Farm.[9]

Group companies[edit]

Gardline Marine Sciences Logo
Three Gardline ships awaiting dry dock repairs in Hull, "Ocean Seeker", "Ocean Observer" and "Sea Explorer".

The Gardline Group is a multinational corporation with companies and offices around the world.


In the United States, the company is represented by Gardline Surveys Inc and G Comm, Houston.


In Europe, the company has a number of major subsidiaries including AST, C A Design Services Ltd (including 3d Architects, Gardline Infotech now re-branded CADS Mapping, Tait Design and Cadnet Ltd), North Sea Marine Cluster,[10] G Comm, Richards Dry Dock and Engineering (including Alicat Workboats Limited), Gardline Marine Science Limited, Gardline Shipping Ltd, Lankelma Limited, MK Services Limited, SEtech Limited, The Howards Group (including Howards Residential and Howards Commercial) and Independent Electrical Service Ltd

Middle East[edit]

In the Middle East, the company is represented by Gardline Lankelma (Middle East) Limited


In Asia, the company is represented by Ast Asia Pte Ltd and Gardline Surveys (Far East) Ltd.

In Australia, Gardline is represented by Ast Australia, Gardline Australia Pty Ltd and Gardline Marine Sciences Pty Ltd.

In Malaysia, Gardline is represented by Asian Geos Sdn Bhd.


In Africa, Gardline is represented by AST South Africa.

Gardline Shipping[edit]

As the original foundation entity of the Gardline Group, Gardline Shipping retains the core businesses of the Gardline Group.

The company operates a fleet of 12 offshore vessels, 4 nearshore and coastal vessels and numerous windfarm support vessels. The fleet is capable of carrying out hydrographic, geotechnical, oceanographic, geophysical, and environmental surveys.[11][12][13]

Current Fleet[edit]

Offshore Survey Vessels

Ship Built Reconfigured Accommodation Length Tonnage Flag IMO Number Image
Ocean Discovery 1983 2010 50 berths 86.9 m 3,705 GT  United Kingdom 8112550 Ocean Discovery.jpg
Ocean Endeavour (ex RMAS Salmaster) 1986 2004 32 berths 77.1 m 1,967 GT  United Kingdom 8402008 Ocean endeavour west africa.jpg
Ocean Observer 1986 2007 30 berths 80.4 m 2,820 GT  United Kingdom 8511275 Ocean Observer Gardline research and survey vessel ship.png
Ocean Reliance 1987 2011 43 berths 85.4 m 1,814 GT  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 8616609 Ocean Reliance - Gardline.jpg
Ocean Researcher (ex RRS Charles Darwin) 1984 2005 39 berths 69.4 m 2,556 GT  United Kingdom 8207941 Ocean Researcher.jpg
Ocean Seeker 1970 2000 43 berths 80.7 m 1,943 GT  United Kingdom 7012179 Ocean seeker.jpg
Polar Surveyor (ex Nordsyssel) 1983 2014 42 berths 71.6 m 1,859 GT  United Kingdom 8118994 Sysselmannen IMG 2620 Longyearbyen.jpg
Sea Explorer 1976 N/A 29 berths 58.9 m 1,385 GT  Bahamas 7504249 Sea Explorer Kristiansund Norway 2009 1.JPG
Sea Surveyor 1979 1999 30 berths 64.1 m 1,275 GT  Bahamas 7813901 William Wright Docks, Hull - - 403455.jpg
Sea Trident 1974 1984 30 berths 57.9 m 964 GT  Panama 7393169 Sea Trident (IMO 7393169)

Tranship B.V. Offshore Vessels (Managed by Gardline)[14]

Ship Built Reconfigured Accommodation Length Tonnage Flag IMO Number Image
Ivero 1982 2011 24 berths 34.0 m 307 GT  Netherlands 8108377 Ivero (IMO 8108377)
Kommandor 1986 2011 44 berths 68.5 m 1,573 GT  Bahamas 8517205
L'Espoir 1972 N/A 30 berths 67.4 m 1,168 GT  Netherlands 7024550 L Espoir Bergen Norway 2009 1.jpg

Customs Vessels

Gardline Marine Sciences and Gardine Australia own two vessels which are currently being leased to Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.

Vessel Built Max Speed Accommodation Length Tonnage Flag IMO number Image
Triton (ACV 90) 2000 18 knots 42 berths 98.7 m 2,236 GT  United Kingdom 4906551 RV Triton bow.jpg
MV Niugini Guardian 1983 8 knots 16 berths 34.9 m 339 GT  Papua New Guinea 4906551

Nearshore and Coastal Vessels

Vessel Built Max Speed Length Breadth Flag IMO Number Image
Confidante 1989 11 knots 33 m 7 m  United Kingdom 8831297 Town Hall and survey ship, Great Yarmouth - - 260590.jpg
George D 1991 10 knots 19 m 5 m  United Kingdom N/A George D..jpg
Melanie D 1994 17 knots 8 m 4 m  United Kingdom N/A
Meriel D 2008 25 knots 17 m 6 m  United Kingdom N/A Meriel D.jpg

Windfarm Support Vessels

Vessel Built Max Speed Length Breadth Flag Propulsion
Gallion 2010 30 knots 20 m 6.5 m  United Kingdom Prop
Gardian 1 2010 30 knots 20 m 6.5 m  United Kingdom Prop
Gardian 2 2010 30 knots 20 m 6.5 m  United Kingdom Prop
Gardian 7 2010 30 knots 20 m 6.5 m  United Kingdom Prop
Gardian 9 2010 30 knots 20 m 6.5 m  United Kingdom Prop
Marianarray 2011 26 knots 17 m 6 m  United Kingdom Jet
Smeaton Array 2011 30 knots 20 m 6 m  United Kingdom Controllable-pitch propeller
Waterfall 2009 26 knots 16 m 6 m  United Kingdom Prop

Past Gardline Vessels[edit]

Vessel Image
Surveyor (Gardline's first ship)
Sea Profiler (ex RRS Shackleton, British Antarctic Survey ship) "Sea Profiler" awaiting demolition at New Holland - - 2652425.jpg
Sea Searcher (ex Johan Mansson, a Swedish Government hydrographic research vessel)[15] SEA SEARCHER.jpg
Gardline Seeker[16] (later used as pirate radio station vessel with Laser 558)
Gardline Tracker Gardline Tracker.jpg
Gardline Locater (ex HMS Blackburn, a naval aviation stores carrier, used to carry aircraft and aviation spares around the coast)[17] Gardline Locater.jpg
Gardline Endurer[18] Gardline Endurer.jpg
Resolution (ex German deep sea trawler)[19]
Researcher (ex INGØY, built 1950 as local passenger/cargo vessel in Norway, sold to Gardline in 1970)[20]



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