Gardner (crater)

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Gardner crater AS17-M-1216.jpg
Apollo 17 Mapping Camera image
Coordinates 17°42′N 33°48′E / 17.7°N 33.8°E / 17.7; 33.8Coordinates: 17°42′N 33°48′E / 17.7°N 33.8°E / 17.7; 33.8
Diameter 18 km
Depth 3.0 km
Colongitude 327° at sunrise
Eponym Irvine C. Gardner
Oblique view from Apollo 15
Context image showning Gardner (lower left) and Maraldi (center) from Apollo 17. NASA photo.

Gardner is a small lunar impact crater in the northeast part of the Moon. It lies due east of the crater Vitruvius, in a section of rough terrain north of the Mare Tranquillitatis. This crater was previously designated Vitruvius A before being given its present name by the IAU. To the northeast of Gardner is the larger crater Maraldi.

It is a circular crater with sloping inner walls and an interior floor that occupies about half the total crater diameter. The southern half of the floor has a slight rise before reaching the inner wall. The crater is not significantly eroded, and the outer rim is relatively sharp and well-defined. The most distinctive feature is a row of four rounded hills along the northern floor of the crater.


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