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Gardner Loulan
Born (1982-01-29) January 29, 1982 (age 35)
Palo Alto, California, U.S.
Nationality American
Occupation online community manager, television personality, Webhost
Known for NBC television personality, MtvU video jockey, Our Feature Presentation

Gardner Willson Loulan (born January 29, 1982) is an online community manager for (formerly and former television host at MTV Networks and NBC Universal.[1] He has produced and edited a wide variety of television, film and internet media; most recently for NBC's LXTV, and as a member of The Bajillionaires Club (a professional collective of directors, writers, producers and on-camera talent based in Hollywood, California).[2][3] He received an Emmy Award nomination as a television host, for LXTV's "1st Look" on NBC highlighting the best destinations and the latest developments in food, nightlife, art, fashion, travel, and entertainment.[4][5]


His professional television career began as a video jockey, writer and producer for MTV University (MtvU). He was part of the team that won an Emmy for their reporting on the conditions in Darfur.[6] He got this job while a sophomore at Fordham University (Lincoln Center) after sneaking into the Metropolitan Opera House prior to the MTV Video Awards. He later created an irreverent short video about the show.[7][8] The video was passed throughout the dormitory and ultimately into the hands of executives at MTV Networks.[9]

While with MTV University he wrote scripts, produced segments and toured the country interviewing entertainers, celebrities (at the MTV Video Awards and Movie Awards) and students.[10][11][12] MtvU is seen on more than 750 college campuses nationwide.[13]

During his time at Fordham University, he was voted Student Government President and participated extensively in Fordham's Global Outreach programs leading community service projects throughout New York, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Montana, Colorado and Haiti.[14][15][16] In addition to his degree from Fordham he has studied at both NYU and USC film schools.[17]

Gardner Loulan has also worked with the US Forest Service, Habitat for Humanity, Diane E. Watson (Member of the US House of Representatives) as well as the Sisters of Charity and Champions (an outdoor education program based in Los Angeles). In 2006 he co-wrote, directed and co-produced the feature film Our Feature Presentation(90min) which had a theatrical premiere on December 21, 2008 and is now available on DVD.[18][19][20][21][22]


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