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Caen Station in 2009.

Caen, Gare de l'Ouest or Gare Calvados, is the main and now only station serving the city of Caen. The station stands on the main line from Paris to Cherbourg and although it mainly is an intercity station many regional trains use the station. Typical services link Caen to Lisieux, Evreux, Paris, Rouen, St Lô, Rennes, Bayeux and Lison. The station opened in 1857 with the arrival of the CF de l'Ouest line from Paris. The station was rebuilt by Henri Pacon in 1934.


The following services call at Caen:

  • intercity services (Intercités) Caen - Alençon - Le Mans - Tours
  • local services (TER Normandie) Cherbourg - Caen - Lisieux
  • local services (TER Normandie) Caen - Alençon - Le Mans
  • local services (TER Normandie) Caen - Lisieux - Bernay - Rouen
  • local services (TER Normandie) Caen - Lison - Saint-Lô - Avranches - Rennes
Preceding station   SNCF   Following station
toward Cherbourg
toward Tours
toward Lisieux
TER Normandie
toward Cherbourg
TerminusTER Normandie
toward Le Mans
TER Normandie
TER Normandie
toward Rennes


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Coordinates: 49°10′35″N 0°20′52″W / 49.17639°N 0.34778°W / 49.17639; -0.34778