Gare de Meuse TGV

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Meuse TGV
Location Les Trois-Domaines, Meuse, Lorraine,  France
Coordinates 48°58′42″N 5°16′18″E / 48.97833°N 5.27167°E / 48.97833; 5.27167Coordinates: 48°58′42″N 5°16′18″E / 48.97833°N 5.27167°E / 48.97833; 5.27167
Opened 2007
Preceding station   SNCF   Following station
toward western France
toward Strasbourg
toward Luxembourg

Meuse TGV is a railway station that opened in June 2007 along with the LGV Est, a TGV high-speed rail line from Paris to Strasbourg. It is located in Les Trois-Domaines, about 30 km from Verdun and Bar-le-Duc, France. Designed by Jean-Marie Duthilleul, director of architecture for the SNCF, it is the first timber-built station in France since the Gare d'Abbeville in 1856.[1]

On 14 November 2015, a test train performing commissioning tests on the second phase of the LGV Est left Meuse TGV station headed to Strasbourg, but it derailed at a bridge over the Marne-Rhine Canal resulting in 11 deaths.[2]


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