Gare de Toulouse-Matabiau

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Gare de Toulouse-Matabiau
Gare de Toulouse-Matabiau - Facade.jpg
The station building
Location Boulevard de Marengo,
31000 Toulouse
Owned by SNCF
Line(s) Bordeaux–Sète railway,
Toulouse–Bayonne railway,
Brive-Toulouse railway,
Toulouse-Auch railway,
Metro Line A
Platforms 13 (1-11, A-B)
Bicycle facilities Yes
Opened 1905

Toulouse-Matabiau is the main railway station in Toulouse, southern France. It is located in the city centre and connected to the Toulouse Metro. The station is situated on the Bordeaux–Sète railway, Toulouse–Bayonne railway, Brive-Toulouse (via Capdenac) railway and Toulouse-Auch railway. Direct trains run to most parts of France.


Main entrance of Matabiau station
Trainshed and platforms

Toulouse waited until the middle of the 19th century for the railway to arrive in the city.

In 1853, Émile Pereire and his brother Jacob founded the CF du Midi. Three years later, the line from Bordeaux to Toulouse was opened, it was extended to Sète in 1857.[1]

The current passenger building was built between 1903 and 1905, replacing an older and smaller building. The station took the name of the borough it was situated in, an area called Matabiau, named after the martyrdom of Saint Saturnin, mata-bios meaning kill the bull. It was designed by Marius Toudoire (who also designed Bordeaux Station) and was built with stone from the Roman city of Saintes. Like the Midi station in Bordeaux, Matabiau station bears 26 coats of arms on the front of the building of the 26 destinations that Midi served.

Some work was carried out on the building in 1938 prior to it being listed.[clarification needed]


The station is centred on two main concourses at the front of the station directly linked to each other, with ticket offices, shops and cafés. Underpasses link these concourses to the platforms. The station is connected to the underground Marengo SNCF station on Line A of the Toulouse Metro, accessible from inside and just outside the station.


Toulouse-Matabiau is situated at the heart of a six-branch star network of lines with both regional (TER) and national (TGV and Corail) services.

Toulouse is served by the following regional lines:

Several SNCF facilities are present near the station, including the old Toulouse-Raynal goods yard now a carriage and engine maintenance yard and the large Saint-Jory marshalling yard 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) to the north.

Train services[edit]

The following services currently call at Toulouse-Matabiau:

  • High speed services (TGV) Paris - Tours - Bordeaux - Toulouse
  • High speed services (TGV) Lille - Tours - Bordeaux - Toulouse
  • High speed services (TGV) Lille - Lyon - Toulouse
  • High speed services (TGV) Bordeaux - Toulouse - Montpellier - Lyon - Dijon
  • High speed services (TGV) Toulouse - Montpellier - Avignon - Marseille
  • High speed services (AVE) Toulouse - Carcassonne – Perpignan - Barcelona - Madrid
  • intercity services (Téoz) Paris - Vierzon - Limoges - Toulouse - Narbonne - Cerbère
  • intercity services (Téoz) Bordeaux - Toulouse - Montpellier - Marseille - Nice
  • intercity services (Intercités) Nantes - La Rochelle - Bordeaux - Toulouse
  • intercity services (Intercités) Hendaye - Bayonne - Pau - Tarbes - Toulouse
  • night services (Lunéa) Paris - Orléans - Souillac - Toulouse
  • local service (TER Languedoc-Roussillon) Toulouse - Carcassonne - Narbonne
  • local service (TER Midi-Pyrénées) Toulouse - Albi - Rodez
  • local service (TER Midi-Pyrénées) Toulouse - Figeac - Aurillac
  • local service (TER Midi-Pyrénées) Brive-la-Gaillarde - Cahors - Montauban - Toulouse
  • local service (TER Midi-Pyrénées) Montauban - Toulouse
  • local service (TER Midi-Pyrénées) Agen - Montauban - Toulouse
  • local service (TER Midi-Pyrénées) Toulouse - Castres - Mazamet
  • local service (TER Midi-Pyrénées) Toulouse - Castelnaudary - Carcassonne
  • local service (TER Midi-Pyrénées) Toulouse - Colomiers - Auch
  • local service (TER Midi-Pyrénées) Toulouse - Foix - Latour-de-Carol-Enveitg
  • local service (TER Midi-Pyrénées) Toulouse - Saint-Gaudens - Tarbes - Pau
Preceding station   SNCF   Following station
Terminus TGV
toward eastern France
TGV Terminus
toward Nantes
Intercités Terminus
toward Hendaye
toward Cerbère
toward Marseille or Nice
night trains
Terminus TER Languedoc-Roussillon 4
toward Narbonne
TER Midi-Pyrénées 2
toward Rodez
TER Midi-Pyrénées 3
toward Aurillac
TER Midi-Pyrénées 14 Terminus
toward Montauban
TER Midi-Pyrénées 15
toward Agen
TER Midi-Pyrénées 16
Terminus TER Midi-Pyrénées 17
toward Mazamet
TER Midi-Pyrénées 20
toward Carcassonne
TER Midi-Pyrénées 21
toward Auch
TER Midi-Pyrénées 22
TER Midi-Pyrénées 24
toward Pau
Preceding station   Renfe Operadora   Following station
Terminus AVE



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