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Suburban Vegetable were formed as an improvisational synth-pop duo by Gareth Davies and Andrew Girardin in Manchester, England in 1989. Their early work was influenced by The KLF and the Pet Shop Boys although Davies' love of progressive rock gave their work a more off-the-wall approach. They signed to Saltwater Records in October 1989 and released their debut single One For Uncle Martin later that month. This was followed in 1990 by their debut LP "Mr.Ridley"

Following Girardin's departure in early 1991, Davies struggled to write and record the second album "Weety Things". By November 1991 though the band were back on track with their third LP "Gladioli Mix" and new permanent members in guitarist Matthew Poole and drummer Ian Ferguson. Their fourth LP, 1992's "Organic" saw them move away from their traditional keyboard and acoustic guitar sound and use electric guitars for the first time, a change inspired by Davies' newfound love of indie music.

The subsequent tour saw them attract their biggest crowds, despite their success being localised to the North West of England. Live in concert, the band were often compared to local heroes The Fall, despite Davies' prominent use of tin whistle and flute which clearly betrayed his continued love of Jethro Tull and folk rock. It was in the summer of 1992 that the band played their biggest gigs and reached their career peak.

In late 1992, internal rifts split the band and Davies recorded the final LP "Censored Haircut" largely alone. The sound again shifted to more heavy guitars and basses, more akin to American bands such as Pavement and Pixies. Although the 1992 line-up reformed for a one-off gig in May 1993, the band split for good immediately afterwards.

In 2001 a compilation LP entitled "Tautology" was released.

Gareth Davies now pursues a solo career as a performer and producer, whilst Andrew Girardin publishes poetry, regular blogs and is currently working on his first novel.

Selected discography[edit]

  • 1990 Mr.Ridley LP
  • 1991 Weety Things LP
  • 1991 Gladioli Mix LP
  • 1992 Organic LP
  • 1993 Censored Haircut LP
  • 2001 Tautology - Suburban Vegetable Examined Compilation LP