Garfield Gets a Life

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Garfield Gets a Life
The Title
Directed byJohn Sparey[1]
Produced byPhil Roman
Jim Davis, Jay Poynor (executive producers)[1]
Written byJim Davis[1]
StarringLorenzo Music
Thom Huge
Gregg Berger
Julie Payne
Frank Welker
June Foray
Kim Campbell
Kevin Campbell[1]
Music byDavid Benoit and Desirée Goyette (music and lyrics)
Lou Rawls, B.B. King and The Temptations (vocals)
Edited byTimothy Borquez
Brian F. Mars
Sam Horta (supervising)[1]
Release date
May 8, 1991
Running time
22 min.

Garfield Gets a Life is a 1991 animated television special based on the Garfield comic strip written by Jim Davis. It features Lorenzo Music as the voice of Garfield. The special was first broadcast May 8, 1991 on CBS and was nominated for Outstanding Animated Program at the 43rd Primetime Emmy Awards. It was the final Garfield television special, in spite of the success of Garfield and Friends as CBS cancelled new animated specials in 1990. Odie only appears twice in this special. Unlike the other Garfield specials, despite the title, this one focuses mainly on Jon rather than the titular fat cat. It has been released on both VHS and DVD home video.


Jon now recognizes that he needs a life, an escape from his boring existence as the guy who arranges his sock drawer. Garfield found a book called How to Make Friends and Fool the Rest. He tries to find some girls around town, but none of them are impressed, and they all find him to be a dweeb. After several failed attempts to attract girls at the park one day, Jon feels blue, so as it begins to rain, he decides to "get it out" by singing while playing a steel-stringed guitar (a reference to Singin' in the Rain), but this annoys a muscleman who takes Jon's guitar, and stomps on it, to which Garfield quips, "And I thought fat people were jolly".

That night, Jon sees a commercial on TV about the "Lorenzo School for the Personality Impaired" and decides to go there the next day. He goes to a class where the teacher of the school, Lorenzo, teaches people how to make a good first impression and Jon meets a lady named Mona (her full name is "Mona Lisa") and starts a friendship with her without using any of the techniques they learned in class. Garfield starts feeling left out and jealous of Jon's friendship with Mona. Garfield then starts to get scared, because Jon and Mona's friendship could easily lead to dating, which in turn could easily lead to them getting married. And if Jon and Mona get married, they could easily end up having children, which Garfield would hate, because he assumes that the kid (or kids) would torture him by biting his tail.

Garfield tries to warn Jon to stop before he multiplies, but only annoys him. Mona scratches Garfield's back, but then she breaks into a sneezing fit and reveals to Jon that she's allergic to cats (although she does like Garfield). Jon asks Mona if she can do anything to prevent an allergic reaction, such as taking a medication – Mona tells Jon that she has tried that, but it's never worked.

Realizing that a relationship between them might not work out due to Mona's allergy to cats, they decide to "break up" and Jon gives her a ride home – and Garfield chaperones them by sticking onto the back window of Jon's car with suction cups.



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