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Notable people with the name Garg include:

  • Alice Garg (born 1942), Indian educator and activist
  • Balwant Gargi (1916-2003), Punjabi language writer, theater director, and academic, who used the name Gargi as a self-adopted variation of Garg.
  • Ankit Garg, Indian police superintendent
  • Anu Garg (born 1967), American author and speaker
  • Mridula Garg (born 1938), Indian writer
  • Pushpendra Kumar Garg (born 1963), Indian sportsperson in yachting
  • Ramesh Garg, dean of student and alumni affairs in IIT Ropar
  • Sugandha Garg (born 1982), Indian film actress, singer and television host
  • Zubeen Garg (born 1972), Indian singer, music director, composer, songwriter and actor

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