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Garga is a male Indian name. It is a sage name who did "nam karan" to lord Sri Krishna. It is found in Vedic and Puranic literature.[1] In Vedic literature, Garga is either related to Bharadvaja or Angiras. Some ancient Jyotisha (time keeping, astronomy) texts are attributed to Garga. He is presented as belonging to the Yadavas and a part of King Prithu mythology. His passages have been quoted by Max Muller as a part of his evidence that time keeping using constellations was a part of the Vedic era knowledge.[2] A Sanskrit text on astronomy dated to about 1st-century CE is called Garga samhita.[3]

Garga also appears in medieval era literature. For example, one sage Garga is the student of Lakulisha and is credited with founding one of the subsects of Pashupata Shaivism.[4]


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