Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

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Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet
Gargantia anime promo image.jpg
(Suisei no Garugantia)
Genre Social science fiction, adventure, mecha, Romance
Written by Wataru Mitogawa
Published by Kadokawa Shoten
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Newtype Ace
(until July 10, 2013)
Kadokawa Niconico Ace
(since July 16, 2013)
Original run January 10, 2013January 28, 2014
Volumes 3
Anime television series
Directed by Kazuya Murata
Written by Gen Urobuchi
Music by Taro Iwashiro
Studio Production I.G
Licensed by
Original network Tokyo MX, YTV, CTV, BS11
Original run April 7, 2013June 30, 2013 (2013-06-30)
Episodes 13 (List of episodes)
Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet: Mizuhana no Bellows
Written by Hiroki Uchida
Illustrated by Shū
Published by Enterbrain
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Famitsu Comic Clear
Original run June 7, 2013January 30, 2015
Volumes 2
Original video animation
Directed by Kazuya Murata
Written by Gen Urobuchi
Music by Taro Iwashiro
Studio Production I.G
Licensed by
Hanabee Entertainment
Released August 28, 2013October 25, 2013
Runtime 2x24 minutes[1][2]
Episodes 2 (List of episodes)
Original video animation
Suisei no Gargantia ~Meguru Kōro, Haruka~
Directed by Kazuya Murata
Written by Gen Urobuchi, Daishiro Tanimura
Music by Taro Iwashiro
Studio Production I.G
Released November 21, 2014May 27, 2015
Episodes 2
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Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet (Japanese: 翠星のガルガンティア Hepburn: Suisei no Garugantia?) is a Japanese anime television series produced by Production I.G and directed by Kazuya Murata, and aired between April and June 2013. A manga adaptation began serialization in Kadokawa Shoten's Newtype Ace magazine in January 2013.


In the distant future, mankind has taken to the stars and formed the Galactic Alliance of Humankind (人類銀河同盟 Jinrui Ginga Dōmei?). The Alliance is engaged in a perpetual war with a tentacled alien species known as the Hideauze (ヒディアーズ Hidiāzu?). Sixteen-year-old Ensign Ledo is a soldier in the Galactic Alliance, piloting a Machine Caliber (マシンキャリバー Mashin Kyaribā?), an artificial intelligence-automated, humanoid-shaped battle suit, which he refers to as "Chamber". After a failed attempt by the Alliance forces to destroy an enemy super-weapon, Ledo is knocked into a wormhole and loses consciousness. When he awakens, he learns from Chamber that he has been in cryo-stasis for six months while his wounds were healing. Ledo learns that he and Chamber have been "found" by a rag-tag band of "primitive" human scavengers. Ledo discovers that he is on board an ocean ship named the Gargantia, that is part of a massive fleet of ships on an ocean-covered planet. Chamber tells him that local star charts reveal the planet is Earth, the birthplace of humanity, a place that members of the Alliance were only familiar with from stories and believed was a myth.


Main characters[edit]

Ledo (レド Redo?)
Voiced by: Kaito Ishikawa (Japanese); Alan Lee (English)
A 16-year-old Galactic Alliance ensign. Trained as a soldier since birth, Ledo finds himself shipwrecked on Earth following a failed attempt by the army to destroy the Hideauze's home planet. As he interacts with his new surroundings and gets used to the crew of the Gargantia, Ledo is exposed to some concepts of human society long forgotten by his civilization (or at least obscured from its soldiery) due to its permanent state of total war against the Hideauze, like entertainment, cooperation and tolerance. Ledo gradually grows attached to his new friends on Gargantia, particularly Amy, whom he later falls in love with.
Amy (エイミー Eimī?)
Voiced by: Hisako Kanemoto (Japanese); Cassandra Lee Morris (English)
A 15-year-old messenger who meets Ledo when he wakes up from hibernation and serves as his guide. She becomes Ledo's first and best friend, and from all the members of Gargantia, she is the one who gets closest to him, usually keeping him company and encouraging his efforts to fit himself into the fleet's environment. She eventually falls in love with him.


Ridget (リジット Rijitto?)
Voiced by: Sayaka Ohara (Japanese); Laura Post (English)
A 22-year-old high rank officer at the Gargantia, she is Fleet Commander Fairlock's second in command and daughter of his predecessor, Chevron. Following Fairlock's death, she takes over as Fleet Commander, following his wish.
Bellows (ベローズ Berōzu?)
Voiced by: Shizuka Itō (Japanese); Julie Ann Taylor (English)
The 18-year-old leader of the Gargantia's excavation team.
Pinion (ピニオン Pinion?)
Voiced by: Katsuyuki Konishi (Japanese); Patrick Seitz (English)
The head of the Gargantia's repairmen. His older brother was killed by a whalesquid, and upon learning of Ledo's intention to exterminate them due to their connection to the Hideauze, he decides to assist him with the pretense of exploring the whalesquid territory for salvage work. After Ledo clears the area of the whalesquids, Pinion clams the technology salvaged by his crew to establish his own fleet, which is later annexed to Kugel's fleet. In the occasion, Pinion is appointed to be chief technician of Kugel's fleet in charge of developing weapons for it.
Bebel (ベベル Beberu?)
Voiced by: Yuka Terasaki (Japanese); Michelle Ruff (English)
Amy's 10-year-old little brother with an illness that compromises his health, thus he is usually bedridden, and only moves by a wheelchair. He befriends Ledo, who treats him as a younger brother.
Fairlock (フェアロック Fearokku?)
Voiced by: Hideaki Tezuka (Japanese); Geoffery Chalmers (English)
The fleet commander of the Gargantia, who despite being sick, refuses to relinquish his post. He appoints Ridget as his successor just before he passes away.
Saaya (サーヤ Sāya?)
Voiced by: Ai Kayano (Japanese); Natalie Hoover (English)
Amy's friend and a reserved 15-year-old messenger.
Melty (メルティ Meruti?)
Voiced by: Kana Asumi (Japanese); Janice Roman Roku (English)
A hyper 14-year-old messenger who is also Amy's friend. She leaves Gargantia along with the many who decide to follow Pinion's plan.
Reema (リーマ Rīma?)
Voiced by: Inori Minase
A new character from the OVA series, she is a former member of Kugel's fleet who moves to the Gargantia and becomes the newest member of Amy's messenger team. She is later revealed as a spy for an unknown party, ordering a machine which resembles Chamber.
Joe (ジョー ?)
Voiced by: Yūki Hayashi (Japanese); Sean Finkle (English)
Grace (グレース Gurēsu?)
Voiced by: Ai Kayano (Japanese); Michelle Ruff (English)
Amy's pet squirrel.
Flange (フランジ Furanji?)
Voiced by: Eizō Tsuda (Japanese); Doug Stone (English)
A major shipleader in the Gargantia who agrees with Pinion's plan and secedes from the fleet to accompany his efforts to reclaim technology from ancient civilizations. Later he is forced to join Kugel's fleet along the rest of his crew.
Oldham (オルダム Orudamu?)
Voiced by: Hideyuki Umezu (Japanese); Steve Mann (English)
The resident doctor aboard Gargantia.
Crown (クラウン Kuraun?)
Voiced by: Mitsuaki Hoshino (Japanese); Kyle Hebert (English)
Mayta (マイタ Maita?)
Voiced by: Sora Tokui (Japanese); Caitlin Chang (English)
A young repair-girl aboard Gargantia. She joins Pinion when he leads a group of the fleet away.

Machine Calibers[edit]

Highly advanced mech used by the Galactic Alliance of Humankind which was established when the humans in space joined forces against its common enemy; the Hideauze.

K6821 Chamber (チェインバー Cheinbā?)
Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita (Japanese); Matthew Mercer (English)
Chamber is Ledo's mecha and artificial intelligence assistant; a mass produced robot used in great numbers by the Galactic Alliance of Humankind. Chamber describes itself as a program designed specifically to ensure that its pilot excels at his or her assigned task, which in the case of Ledo is a soldier. Upon meeting the people of the Gargantia, Chamber manages to analyze and decode their language to act as a translator between Ledo and the people on Gargantia.
X3752 Striker (ストライカー Sutoraikā?)
Voiced by: Ayumi Fujimura (Japanese); Karen Strassman (English)
A GAH robot designed for higher ranked soldiers used by Kugel. Originally believed to serve as Kugel's life support system, as he was somehow unable to leave his cockpit due to a disease, it is later revealed that it was Striker's AI who was ordering the fleet instead of him, as the real Kugel was long dead inside it.

Other characters[edit]

Lukkage (ラケージ Rakēji?)
Voiced by: Ayumi Tsunematsu (Japanese); Johanna Luis (English)
A pirate leader who launched an attack on the Gargantia after Ledo kills some of her men to protect Bellows and her crew. Some time after being defeated by the Gargantia's forces with Ledo's help, she reappears as part of Kugel's fleet. Yet she helps to rebel against it.
Kugel (クーゲル Kūgeru?)
Voiced by: Yūki Ono (Japanese); Marc Diraison (English)
Ledo's superior at the GAH, who disappears after he decides to stay behind to allow Ledo and the others to escape after their failed attack on the Hideauze. Ledo eventually is contacted by his Machine Caliber Striker and learns that just like him, he got stranded on Earth and joined a fleet, but unlike Ledo, he remained inside his machine caliber due to a disease that prevents him from leaving, seized control over the fleet that found him, and instated a totalitarian militarist regime in the name of improving its strength and efficiency. However, it is later revealed that Kugel was long dead and Striker was posing as him instead.
Storia (ストーリア Sutōria?)
Voiced by: Yui Horie (Japanese); Shelby Lindley (English)
Ridget's childhood friend. She is gentle-hearted, but she is brisk and efficient when it comes to her nursing job. Seven years before, Storia left the Gargantia to live with Ritona.
Ritona (リトナー Ritonā?)
Voiced by: Yuichi Nakamura (Japanese); David Vincent (English)
An old acquaintance of Ridget, he was chief mechanic of another fleet who went derelict after its main engine was damaged beyond repair. Before that he falls in love with Storia and takes her to live with him.


Gen Urobuchi explained on the official website that the message of the story is aimed towards those in their teens and 20s, who are either about to enter into society or recently have, and is meant to cheer them on and to encourage them that "going out into the world isn't scary". He also said that the feeling of this work will be different from others he's been involved with.[3]

Development of Gargantuan on the Verdurous Planet began around November 2010, according to producer Nao Hirasawa. Mechanical designer Makoto Ishiwata said that he began his design work about two months in, and that the mechanical designs were focused on bringing out aspects of the plot. The roundness of the Machine Caliber's design was meant to bring out a sense of gentleness and familiarity. The difference between the personalities of Chamber and Striker were to represent a sense of a child and a grown adult.[4]

After about a half year's worth of production, Kazuya Murata was brought in as the series director. Murata had been harboring the desire to work on a story involving people living on ships atop a world of water about ten years before the series started. Some of the story had already been arranged, but he introduced the concept of people living on giant boats, and Urobuchi liked the idea a lot, and quickly worked it into the story. According to Urobuchi, as they revised the plot further, Murata tended to have a very good sense of judgement as to what to put in and what not to put in, and was clear about what he was looking for, so the organization went a lot more smoothly than he thought it might have. Urobuchi was put in charge of writing the first and last episodes once the green-light was given for a thirteen-episode series in order to set the theme for the other writers.[5]

Some weeks after the series started airing, a character design contest related to the anime series was announced. It was hosted on Pixiv, and Murata and staff members of Production I.G judged the entries submitted until the deadline of May 12. Originally only one among the submitted designs would be chosen, however there were twelve entries which impressed the judges to the point of announcing all of them as winners. The twelve chosen characters made an appearance in the series finale on June 30, 2013.[6][7]



Starting a few months before the series aired, the official website began updating on a monthly basis to include short stories that further expand on the Gargantia universe. On April 3, 2015, at an event in Tokyo, Bandai Visual revealed that a sequel for the anime was planned, but due to "various circumstances", was scrapped.[8] The material intended for the sequel was instead adapted into two novels, which were published on August 29, 2015 and March 30, 2016 in Japan.


Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet received a manga adaptation, drawn by Wataru Mitogawa. The series' serialization began in the 17th issue of Kadokawa Shoten's Newtype Ace magazine, released on January 10, 2013,[9] and after the magazine's final issue, July 10, 2013, it continued in Niconico's Kadokawa Niconico Ace web magazine.[10] The manga has also been collected in three tankōbon volumes, published between April 8, 2013, and March 7, 2014.[11][12] A spin-off manga series, titled Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet: Mizuhana no Bellows (翠星のガルガンティア 水端のベローズ?, lit. "The Headwaters' Bellows"), drawn by Shū with story assistance by Hiroki Uchida, began serialization in Enterbrain's Famitsu Comic Clear website on June 7, 2013.[13] and ended on January 30, 2015. The series has been collected in two tankōbon volumes.


The anime is directed by Kazuya Murata and produced by Production I.G with character design by Hanaharu Naruko. Gen Urobuchi supervised and wrote the first and last episodes of the series. The anime premiered on Tokyo MX on April 7, 2013, and is being streamed by Crunchyroll.[14] A web short titled "Petit Gargantia" (Puchitto Gargantia) streamed on their official site for each episode. On March 30 and 31, 2013, at the Anime Contents Expo Bandai Visual's booth gave away 8000 copies of the first two episodes on Blu-ray Disc.[15] The opening theme is Kono Sekai wa Bokura o Matte Ita (この世界は僕らを待っていた?, "This World Has Been Waiting For Us") by Minori Chihara while the ending theme is Sora to Kimi no Message (空とキミのメッセージ?, "Sky and Your Message") by ChouCho.[3] An OVA 14th episode was released along with first Blu-ray Disc box set on August 28, 2013,[16] and another, 15th, was released with the third one on October 25, 2013.[2] The sets also include subtitles in English.[1][17] At Anime Expo 2013, Viz Media announced their license to the anime, as well as plans to stream the series on their website and Hulu and release it on DVD and Blu-ray Disc in 2014.[18] A two-part OVA sequel, titled Suisei no Gargantia ~Meguru Kōro, Haruka~ (翠星のガルガンティア ~めぐる航路、遥か~?), was released in the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015.[19]

Episode list[edit]

No. Title Writer Original air date[20]
1 "Castaway"
"Hyōryūsha" (漂流者) 
Gen Urobuchi (Nitroplus) April 7, 2013
Humans have left Earth and have made a paradise in space, Avalon, as humanity's new home and created the Galactic Alliance of Humanity to expand their journey through it. A threat known as Hideauze appeared before the Alliance and a war rages between them. Ensign Ledo and his artificial intelligence robot partner, Chamber, join the latest attack against the Hideauze. The attack eventually ends in failure and a retreat order is issued, but Ledo is unable to return and is cast out into space. Six months later, the salvage ship Gargantia retrieves Chamber from bottom of the ocean, but are unable to take it apart. After everyone leaves, Ledo decides to take a look around and gather intel on where he is, but Ledo is soon chased and kidnaps one of the crew, Amy. He is chased outside and finds out he is on a habitable planet, which shocks him enough to release Amy. The crew pins him on a pylon, and he calls Chamber, which the entire crew is surprised to see moving and floating. 
2 "The Planet of Origin"
"Hajimari no Wakusei" (始まりの惑星) 
Daishirō Tanimura April 14, 2013
Deciding to try and open a dialogue with these people, Ledo stays pinned on the pylon. He asks the crew to talk to the Alliance in charge, but the crew have no idea what he is talking about and they believe that Chamber, who is translating, has another person inside. As Ridget, the commander, and the crew try to decide what to do, Amy gives Ledo food and begins talking. She explains that this is Earth, and when it was frozen over, some humans escaped to the stars while others stayed. Eventually, the ice melted and became a vast ocean, in which many people form fleets to salvage old technology from below. Looking for other items of advanced technology, Ridget sends Bellows to the point where Chamber and Ledo were found, and Bellows' ship is attacked by pirates. Amy asks Ledo to help them, and he agrees with the intention of earning their trust. Ledo boards Chamber and efficiently kill the pirates with no harm to Bellows' ship and crew, as Amy and the others watch in shock at Chamber's destructive power. 
3 "The Villainous Empress"
"Burai no jotei" (無頼の女帝) 
Gan Saaku (Nitroplus) April 21, 2013
After killing the pirates, Ledo is lectured by Amy for his actions and the leaders of Gargantia discuss the eventual retaliation they may suffer from them. Meanwhile, a survivor of Ledo's attack informs the pirate leader Lukkage about it and she decides to launch an attack on the Gargantia. Bellows brings Amy to talk with Ledo, and they explain to him that weapons must be used only as a last resort, as in their world, people must rely on each other to survive. After Amy reconciles with Ledo, a large pirate fleet led by Lukkage is seen approaching the Gargantia. Ledo discusses the situation with Ridget and agrees to help them once more, in exchange for being accepted aboard the fleet. Instructed to defeat the enemies with no casualties, Ledo disables the pirate ships in the front lines and returns to the Gargantia to deal with a sneak attack led by Lukkage herself, piloting her custom yumboro, the "Surfing Lobster". Ledo battles and easily defeats Lukkage, forcing the pirates to flee. Upon being saluted by the crew of the Gargantia, Ledo is greeted by Amy and replies with the first native expression he learned: "Thank You". 
4 "The Flute of Recollection"
"Tsuioku no Fue" (追憶の笛) 
Toriko Nanashino April 28, 2013
After thwarting Lukkage's sneak attack, Ledo receives an invoice to pay for the collateral damage caused by him and Chamber, although Ridget says that he shall be relieved from the living expenses and the fee of having Chamber aboard for his help. While Chamber helps the other workers, Ledo keeps sculpting the Hideauze claw he always carries with him, and when Amy asks him about it, he gives it to her, and she decides to pass it to her little brother Bevel. With Ledo asking for more information about his whereabouts, Amy decides to take him to Dr. Oldham, who explains to him that most of mankind's old technology is lost, thus there is no way for the Gargantia to help him return to space. Some time later, it starts raining, and Ledo helps collect rainwater to replenish the fleet's fresh water supply. Amy takes Ledo to meet Bevel, who asks Ledo about his life in space and the object he was carving. Ledo states that he does not know what it really is; upon realizing that it is actually a flute, Bevel plays it, helping Ledo to recall a long forgotten memory that makes him cry. Ledo then asks Bevel to return the flute to him, and wonders if he should learn more about their surroundings, while Chamber mentions that he must eventually leave it all behind when returning to his unit. 
5 "Calm Day"
"Nagi no Hi" (凪の日) 
Daishirō Tanimura May 5, 2013
Although Chamber states that he must remain on standby until reestablishing contact with his superiors, Ledo decides to look for a job, but he fails to find a vacant post up to his skills, or willingness. Soon after, the Gargantia stops moving for maintenance, taking advantage of the absence of winds or waves, in an event known as "calm day", with all workers having a free day except repairmen. Despite being a repairman himself, Pinion invites Ledo and Amy, along with her fellow couriers Melty and Saya, for a swim. However, Pinion finds himself unable to cook due to an energy shortage, and sends Ledo on an errand while looking for a way to solve it, while other members of the fleet arrive to join them. Amy and her friends aretasked with an errand to the top of a high tower and they take the opportunity to make it a race. During the race, Amy saves Ledo from being pursued by some transvestite men who intend to hire him, and after the girls' job is finished, they return to the party with Ledo arriving soon after bringing the item Pinion asked him to fetch: a bottle of sauce. Ledo is then informed that Pinion arranged the party to cheer him up, as he did not manage to find a job, and enjoys it with them until the wind resumes and the calm day ends. Amy then accompanies Ledo as he resumes his search for work. 
6 "Festival"
"Shanikusai" (謝肉祭) 
Norimitsu Kaihō May 12, 2013
Ledo decides to work as a fisherman, but he finds himself unable to pilot a regular yumboro and sends Chamber to assist the other fishermen instead. Pinion then invites Ledo for lunch and offers him a position on his crew, but Bellows appears and also offers him a jobon her salvage team. In the occasion, Amy and her friends dance to the crowd and Ledo mistakes a cooked octopus for a Hideauze and is about to shoot it until the others assure him that it is not an enemy, but food instead. Chamber, who finds himself causing a mess among the fishermen, asks for Ledo's help and he uses his mecha to properly help the workers obtain a nice catch. Later that night, Amy spends some time alone with Ledo, and the pair become closer. A natural ocean lighting puts Ledo in state of alert and he arms himself to defend Amy, until she calms him down and dances for him upon his request. In the following day, Ledo does salvage work with Bellows and things go smoothly until an underwater creature appears, and with Chamber identifying it as a Hideauze, Ledo abandons his work to confront it. 
7 "A Soldier's Fate"
"Heishi no Sadame" (兵士のさだめ) 
Daishirō Tanimura May 19, 2013
Despite Bellows' pleas, Ledo kills the creature, a whalesquid (クジライカ kujiraika?), considered a sacred animal by the Earthlings, and news of its death spread rumors of an impending misfortune towards the Gargantia. While Ledo has Chamber analyze a sample of it, he wonders why it does not attack Humans on sight like the Hideauze usually do and Chamber deduces that somehow both species learned to coexist. Elsewhere, Pinion plans to draft Ledo into his crew with the intention to explore the uncharted whalesquid territory and salvage its treasures, but Bellows tries to dissuade him, and it is revealed that Pinion's ulterior motive is to enact revenge for his deceased older brother, who was killed by them. As Chamber's analysis prove that the whalesquids are indeed similar to the Hideauze, Ledo is determined to exterminate them all, despite Amy and the others' attempts to make him change his mind. When a huge number of whalesquids are seen approaching the Gargantia, Commander Fairlock declares that all of the fleet's machinery and lights must be turned down, to not provoke the creatures as they pass under them. Amy tries to stop Ledo from fighting them, but he does not listen to her, until Ridget points a gun at him, and he is forced to stand down. The whalesquids pass under the Gargantia without any incidents, but while Ledo rejects Amy for not agreeing with him, Fairlock is informed by Pinion of his plan and Flange declares his intention to accompany him with his ship. As both express their intention to secede from the Gargantia, Fairlock tries to dissuade them until he suffers a heart attack. 
8 "Separation"
"Ribetsu" (離別) 
Toriko Nanashino May 26, 2013
Before his death, Fairlock nominates Ridget as his successor. Meanwhile, Chamber informs Ledo that he finally managed to pinpoint the location of their civilization in space, but their current location is too far from it, and it may take thousands of years until someone picks up their distress signal. As Fairlock's funeral is held, several dissident ships agree to follow Pinion's plan and prepare themselves to get separated from the Gargantia. Melty decides to leave with them, and Saya asks Amy if she does not want to leave with Ledo as well, but she responds that she can't abandon her brother. Seeing how much his sister is suffering with Ledo's decision to leave, Bevel tries to dissuade him, and Ledo says that his drive to kill the whalesquids also comes from his desire to protect both Amy and him from the Hideauze. Instead of attending her foster father's funeral, Ridget looks for a solution to stop the fleet from splitting up, but Bellows reminds her that she does not need to take all the burden to herself, as she will always have the rest of the fleet to support her. Ridget then sees Fairlock off as his body is sent to the waters and asks the members of Gargantia to lend her their support. Soon after, a devastated Amy watches as the dissident ships leave the Gargantia, with Ledo aboard them. 
9 "Deep Sea Secret"
"Shinkai no Himitsu" (深海の秘密) 
Norimitsu Kaihō June 2, 2013
Ledo starts his offensive on the whalesquid nest, assisted by Pinion's crew and their barrage of depth charges, obliterating the enemies without much effort. While investigating an ancient facility, Ledo finds some records and upon accessing them, he learns that the Hideauze were once humans who underwent heavy genetic modification to adapt themselves to space environment, calling themselves "Evolvers". Viewing their efforts as blasphemy, a faction of mankind declared war on them, leading to their current conflict after both sides abandoned Earth during the fifth ice age, except for the ancestors to the current humans and whalesquid living on the planet. Devastated by this revelation, Ledo shouts in despair when Chamber slays a Hideauze (human sized) child without his permission. Back at the Gargantia, both Bevel and Amy show signs of how much they miss Ledo. 
10 "Island of Ambition"
"Yabō no Shima" (野望の島) 
Daishirō Tanimura June 9, 2013
With all the Hideauze in the area killed, Pinion and his crew manage to salvage ancient technology not seen anywhere, but instead of sharing it with the rest of mankind as originally planned, Pinion says that they have the right to keep it to themselves, and sends a message to the other fleets warning them to keep out of their territory. As the message reaches the Gargantia, the fleet had just reorganized itself and there is the concern that other ships may leave to join Pinion's side as well. With the technology salvaged by them, Pinion's fleet defeats a hostile pirate crew who in return asks for a place among them, and he agrees. Meanwhile, Ledo hears from Chamber that the lightbugs that mankind use as a power source were also created by the Hideauze, which further proves their discovery. Ledo then questions if there is still a need to keep fighting the Hideauze after all they learned. The Machine Caliber replies that it came to the conclusion that the Galactic Alliance and the Hideauze are too different for them to coexist, as one side evolved and perfected their civilization while the other relinquished civilization altogether, thus their conflict is inevitable. Chamber then informs Ledo about a transmission from a Galactic Alliance vessel and as a huge fleet approaches them, Ledo sees Commander Kugel's Machine Caliber atop it and finds that he is alive. 
11 "Supreme Ruler of Terror"
"Kyōfu no Haō" (恐怖の覇王) 
Norimitsu Kaihō June 16, 2013
Kugel contacts Ledo and instructs him to return to his side. Upon reuniting with him, Ledo learns that Kugel is struck with some disease that does not allow him to leave his cockpit. When Ledo tells him what he learned about the Hideauze, Kugel reveals that he always knew about it, just like the high command of the Galactic Alliance, and despite that, he insists to fight them, and was all this time organizing a powerful fleet with a militaristic society for that purpose, whose intention is to rally all the humans on Earth under them. Pinion is summoned to Kugel's fleet, and much to his surprise, he is taken there by Lukkage, who is now working under Kugel, and is approached by Kugel's Machine Caliber Striker, who offers him a post as an engineer to develop weapons for the fleet. The rest of his companions are also forced to join Kugel's fleet. Some time later, Kugel discusses with Ledo the next step of his plan: a large scale operation which, much to Ledo's shock, somehow involves the Gargantia
12 "Moment of Decision"
"Ketsudan no Toki" (決断のとき) 
Daishirō Tanimura June 23, 2013
Kugel's fleet prepares itself to attack the Gargantia. Ledo tries to dissuade Kugel with no success, while Pinion is approached by Lukkage who is planning a rebellion at the fleet. Confused about what he should do, Ledo witness the people of the fleet throwing their sick and weak into the water; realizing that the same will be done to Bevel, he decides to confront Kugel by himself. Accepting Ledo's decision, Pinion equips Chamber with some extra weapons, while Lukkage and Flange make preparations for the impending uprising. Melty is instructed by Ledo to deliver a message to the Gargantia, but she almost faints by traveling so far by herself and is rescued by Amy. Informed about Kugel's attack, the crew of the Gargantia consider to abandon the fleet as Ledo suggested, but Amy insists that they should do something to help Ledo as well, and Oldham instructs Ridget to make use of the special key Fairlock entrusted her. The rebellion begins, and while Ledo fights Kugel assisted by Pinion's crew, the pirates led by Lukkage attack the fleet's soldiers. When Ledo finally manages to pin down Kugel and open Striker's cockpit, it is revealed that Kugel was long dead inside it. 
13 "Legend of the Verdurous Planet"
"Midori no Hoshi no Densetsu" (翠の星の伝説) 
Gen Urobuchi (Nitroplus) June 30, 2013
Striker says that it was following Kugel's instructions after his death and eventually reached the conclusion that to ensure stability to the fleet, it was necessary for the humans to view Striker as their god. Both Ledo and Chamber reject Striker's offer to join its side and decide to destroy it. Unable to defeat Striker in their current condition, Ledo decides to merge his nervous system with Chamber's interface to increase its capabilities at the cost of his life. However, Amy appears soon after to tell Ledo that he does not need to fight alone. Meanwhile at the Gargantia, Ridget uses the key she received from the Fleet's former commander to activate an ancient mass driver stored inside the main ship, and uses it to bombard the enemy fleet. Pinion evacuates his crew aboard the salvage vessel, and intends to destroy both the recovered relics and Striker's followers attacking his ship, but is saved at the last second by Lukkage. Striker then decides to attack the Gargantia but Ledo and Chamber pursue it. Despite being willing to sacrifice his life to protect his friends, Ledo reveals that his true desire is to survive the battle and return to live at the Gargantia with Amy. Chamber then relieves Ledo from duty and ejects him to safety before destroying Striker in a suicide attack. Some time later, Lukkage and many survivors of Kugel's fleet join the Gargantia. Ledo has become an experienced salvager who seeks to understand the whalesquid, and is able to enter their territory without provoking them. He hopes that humans will eventually learn the means to properly communicate with the creatures. He also seems to be in a relationship with Amy. In the ocean, a whalesquid larva is attached to Chamber. 
14 "Abandoned Fleet (SPECIAL 1)"
"Haikyo Sendan" (廃墟船団) 
August 28, 2013
The Gargantia comes across an abandoned, derelict fleet and Ledo joins a small group sent there to investigate it while looking for treasures. Amy and her friends sneak aboard their ship and end up joining the search party. Upon finding an old picture, Ridget realizes that the fleet used to be where her childhood friend Storia lives after she left the Gargantia seven years ago with her boyfriend Ritona. Upon checking up the main ship, Pinion concludes that the fleet's inhabitants were forced to abandon it after the main engine was broken beyond repair and the group returns to the Gargantia empty handed, except for Ridget who kept the picture for herself. 
15 "Altar of the Visitor from Afar (SPECIAL 2)"
"Marebito no Saidan" (まれびとの祭壇) 
October 25, 2013[2]
Following the battle against the Hideauze in space, Kugel and Striker were stranded on Earth just like Ledo. Meanwhile, a young girl called Linaria is being pursued by her sisters who intend to dispose of her after their deceased father nominated her as the leader of their pirate fleet. Kugel drives the attackers away and Linaria, believing that Kugel is a god, asks for his help to regain control of her fleet. Months later, Kugel leads the fleet as a figurehead for Linaria until her sisters decide to dispose of him by provoking some whalesquids to attack. Realizing that the whalesquids are in fact Hideauze, he wipes out their nest and claims that mankind had fallen from grace by treating the Hideauze as gods. Some time later, Linaria dies from a disease and by her own interpretation of her last words Striker convinces Kugel that killing the sick members of the fleet is the best way to improve it, just like the Galactic Alliance does. When Linaria's elder sister attempts to replace her as Kugel's herald, he kills her instead and throws both sisters' bodies in the sea. Assuming control of the fleet and slowly dying from the same disease that killed Linaria, Kugel decides to rule it with an iron grip, believing it will eventually lead it to prosperity. 


In April 2014, the series was nominated for the Seiun Award.[21]


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