Gargleblast Records

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Gargleblast Records
Gargle logo black.gif
Founded 2003
Founder Andy Miller, Shaun Tallamy
Distributor(s) Shellshock
Genre folk-rock
indie rock
Country of origin United Kingdom
Location Lanarkshire, Scotland
Official website

Gargleblast Records is an independent record label based in Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Early years[edit]

Founded by record producer Andy Miller and friend Shaun Tallamy in May 2003, the aim of the label was to support, develop and release music by some of the bands Miller had recorded at Chem Nineteen Studios, Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, many of which he felt were being overlooked by the music industry. Gargleblast's first release was "Gravitas" a/a "Hammer and Frogs", a limited edition 7" Single by Belfast band Desert Hearts on 20 July 2004, followed by "Camera" a/a "All Saints Day" by local band De Rosa on 9 August.


Gargleblast licensed "Mend", the debut De Rosa album to Chemikal Underground Records in early 2006, and in October released the second Desert Hearts album "Hotsy Totsy Nagasaki".


On 11 June 2007 the label released "Live At The Annandale Hotel" by seminal Glasgow band Life Without Buildings, and released "This Is What Makes Us", the debut album by Foxface on 5 November.


Gargleblast Records spent 2008 and 2009 developing their premises in Hamilton, Scotland into a multi room recording studio. Gargleblast Studios opened in 2009 and is now home to the label. Andy Miller is head engineer at the studio.


Andy Miller recorded the debut solo album by Martin John Henry, frontman of De Rosa.

Back Catalogue[edit]

Title Release date Cat No Format
Desert Hearts - "Gravitas" a/a "Hammer and Frogs" 20 July 2004 GARGLE001 7" Vinyl Single
De Rosa - "Camera" a/a "All Saints Day" 9 August 2004 GARGLE002 7" Vinyl Single
Emer - "Windows Close" a/a "Speed Of Dark" 3 October 2005 GARGLE003 7" Vinyl Single
De Rosa - "Mend" 19 June 2006 CHEM089 CD Album (licensed to Chemikal Underground Records)
Desert Hearts - "Hotsy Totsy Nagasaki" 30 October 2006 GARGLE004CD CD Album, Digital Download
Life Without Buildings - "Live At The Annandale Hotel" 11 June 2007 GARGLE005CD CD Album, Digital Download
Foxface - "This Is What Makes Us" 5 November 2007 GARGLE006CD CD Album, Digital Download
Martin John Henry - Debut album, as yet untitled Spring 2011 Cat No. TBA