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Garhi Harsaru is a town and railway station in Gurgaon district of Haryana state in India. It lies on the road from Gurgaon city to Pataudi town. Its postal code (PIN) is 122505. According to the Census India 2011, it has a population of about 7894 persons of which 4216 are males while 3678 are females living in around 1539 households.[1] The population of children with age of 0-6 is 1068 which is 13.53 % of total population of Garhi Harsaru (CT). In Garhi Harsaru Census Town, Female Sex Ratio is of 872 against state average of 879. Moreover Child Sex Ratio in Garhi Harsaru is around 783 compared to Haryana state average of 834. Literacy rate of Garhi Harsaru city is 85.16 % higher than state average of 75.55 %. In Garhi Harsaru, Male literacy is around 93.48 % while female literacy rate is 75.79 %. The name is a combination of two villages, Garhi, dominated by Yadav community, and Harsaru which has majority of Rajputs.


Garhi is the Hindi word for fortress. Garhi Harsaru is named after Rajput Ruler Harsh Dev Singh Chauhan who was one of the 21 sons of Raja Sangat Singh Chauhan. Raja Sangat was the great grandson of Chahir Deo, brother of famous Rajput King Prithviraj Chauhan[2] (See Page 64 of this reference). When the two sons of the junior Rani were bestowed the kingdom of Mandhan in accordance with the pledge by the king to the junior Rani for marrying her in his old age, the 19 sons from the other queen set out to seek their fortunes. Of the 19 brothers 2 viz Harsh Dev and Sahesh Mal arrived in the Gurgaon district. Harsh Dev established the Garhi (fortress) and the area i.e. 60 villages under Garhi Harsaru was called Dhundhoti. Dhundhoti was controlled by Chaudhari Harsaru, as Harsh Dev Chauhan was known by the locals.[2]

A famous village of the descendants of Harsh Dev is Sultanpur, which has a famous Bird sanctuary. Sultanpur was established by Raja Sultan Singh Chauhan.


Garhi Harsaru was a sleepy village known for its railway junction station. In 2005 it became a town. Since then it has expanded rapidly. Due to its proximity to the railway junction and IMT Manesar, it continues to gain importance.

After conversion of the railway track from metre gauge to broad gauge the railway junction has gained considerable importance. A large inland container depot has been set up near Garhi Harsaru Junction railway station and serves as a hub for transhipment of containers from and to Bombay port and seaports on the west coast of India in Gujarat. Private ports of Gujarat and large transporters have also constructed container depots here.

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Coordinates: 28°27′N 76°56′E / 28.450°N 76.933°E / 28.450; 76.933