Gariaband district

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Gariaband district
District of Chhattisgarh
Location of Gariaband district in Chhattisgarh
Location of Gariaband district in Chhattisgarh
 • Lok Sabha constituenciesMahasamund
 • Total5,822.861 km2 (2,248.219 sq mi)
 • Total597,653 (According to census 2,011)
 • Literacy68.26%
 • Sex ratio1020
Major highwaysNH-130C
Website[Gariaband District Official website]

Gariaband District is one of the nine new districts formed in Chhattisgarh, operational from January 1, 2012,[1] ceremonially launched by Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh on January 11, 2012. Gariaband district was carved out of Raipur district[1] and has its headquarters at Gariaband town. Dhamtari and Mahasamund are the neighbour district. The district covers an area of 5822.861 sq km.[2] is full of natural resources. "Pairy" [1] and "Sodhur" river flows north from here and makes "Triveni Sangam" Rajim together. By building Orissa state border flows "Tel River". Rajim is a famous pilgrimage center of the district, which is also called robert. Every year a "Kumbh Mela" is held from Magh Purnima to Maha Shivaratri. The district is divided into geographical area of the five talukas Gariaband (726.12 sq km), Chhura (714.62 sq km), Mainpur (670.52 sq km), Devbhog (301.53 sq km) and Rajim (474.27 sq km), respectively. The Gariaband, Chhura and Mainpur blocks are Multiplicity of Tribals. There is four urban bodies in the district in which one Municipality(Gariaband) and three Nagar Panchayat (Rajim, Chhura and Fingeshwar). The area of "Gariaband Forest" is 1951.861 sq km and "Udanti Sita Nadi Tiger Reserve" covers 983.94 sq km. The Gariaband district starts at the ancient temples of Rajim. Being a plan area Figenshwar development block is an irrigated and equipped with modern agriculture methods. Chhura block has created his name as famous tourist places such as "Jatmayi" and "Ghatarani. Baruka Aniket, Tonhidabri, Ramaipot including Rasela near to Malaygiri mountain of Orissa border are forest and plain area. Gariaband block has rich in resources such as Saal and Teak including forest area from the confluence of the Parry and Sodhur river making Dhamtari border. The present collector of Gariyaban is Shruti Singh.[3]

Jitendra Meena is Superintendent of Police of Gariaband District. The Pairy River originates from the hillocks of SIHAVA which meets Mahanadi at "Rajim", also religiously called as Sontirth Ghat.


Gariaband district is a Forest Landscape area. Farming is wide across the district, 49.56% area of farms in the district is irrigated. 50.41% area of district is covered by forest. The Following type of forests are in Gariaband district Teak Forest(Sagon Van) - 0.37% Saal Forest(Saal Van) - 22.66% Mixed forest - 54.51% Other forest - 22.46%


Jatmayi Temple - Located in Gariaband, 85 km from Raipur. "Jatmayi Temple" is dedicated to the "Mata Jatmayi" located between the beautiful sights of a small forest. Temple is beautifully carved out of granite with a huge tower and many small peak/ towers. On top of the main entrance, can see one murals depicting mythological characters.

Ghatarani Temple - It is a big waterfall located 25km from Jatmai Temple. In Gatarani Temple Navratri festival is celebrated with much enthusiasm and devotion. Here we sees a decoration especially on festive occasions like Navratri. After the Monsoon it is the best time for visit. Beautiful waterfall flows near the temple, which makes this place more attractive The waterfall in full flow to make the destination as a favorite picnic spot for the whole family. Waterfall is the best place to take a dip before entering the temple. The more adventurous can take a hike in the woods. Easily vehicles are available from Raipur to Ghatarani Temple.

Bhooteshwarnath - Marauda village situated at nestled among thick forests 3km away from Gariaband. The world's largest Shivalinga given by the nature sparkling in the region surrounded by picturesque forests and hills. The news comes where the size of Mahakal and other Shivlings decrease while there's a Shivling whose size does not shrink but increases every year. This Shivling is produced naturally. Every year on Mahashivratri and Monday of Sawan people (Kawariya) arrives here. This Shivling located in Gariaband district of Chhattisgarh is called here "Bhooteshwarnath", which also called "Bhakurra". In Chhattisgarh like "Dwadas Jyotirling" it is recognised as "Ardhnarishwar Shivling". The most surprising fact is that the size of the Shivling is continuously increasing every year. Probably because the number of devotees who come here is rising every year.

Sikaser Dam - Sikaser Dam is an artificial dam[4] located at the distance of 50km from the district headquarter. It is accessible in all seasons. Sikaser Dam was built in year 1977. The length of Sikaser Dam is 1540 meter and maximum height is 9.32 meter. In the Sikaser dam capacity of the 2X35 MW Water Hydropower Plant is installed which is producing electricity as well as irrigation.

Udanti Sitanadi Tiger Reserve - The notification of Udanti Sitanadi Tiger Reserve of Chhattisgarh Government Raipur came into existence letter No./F-8-43/2007/10-2 dated 20/02/2009. Udanti Sitanadi Tiger Reserve efforts for pure breed buffaloes. Presently there is a female buffalo, a female child and 9 male buffaloes. To increase their number the rescue center has been created in approximately 25.00 hectares. Where breeding females buffalo to increase its numbers but now there are more male buffaloes and there is urgent need of female buffalo to save their dynasty. Therefore a clone female buffalo is being prepared at Karnal, institute in Haryana. Which will be brought as soon as in Udanti Sitanadi Tiger Reserve to increase female buffaloes dynasty.


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