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For other people named Torossian, see Torossian (surname).
Gariné Torossian
Occupation Filmmaker
Spouse(s) Viken Berberian
Awards 1st prize, Berlinale, 1st prize, Warsaw Int. Film Festival, gold prize Houston Film Festival, best short Melbourne Int. Film Festival

Gariné Torossian is an Armenian-Canadian filmmaker. Her works include Stone, Time, Touch[1] which won best documentary at the Warsaw International Film Festival in 2007.Her films have screened at MoMa,[2] the Telluride Film Festival (Colorado), Lux Cinema (London), the Jerusalem Film Festival, the Warsaw International Film Festival, Berlinale, and a host of cinematheques, including those in Berlin, Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Vancouver. Her debut short, Visions (1992), was part of a retrospective at Centre Pompidou when she was 22. Her subsequent shorts were screened at New York Museum of Modern Art Cineprobe when she was 25. Torossian's work has been broadcast on Arte France, Documentary Channel (Canada), Bravo Canada, Sundance Channel (USA), SBS (Australia) and WTN (Canada). Her films focus on notions of memory, longing and identity, underlined by her diverse and comprehensive filmography.[3]


Girl from Moush (1994) was awarded best short at the Melbourne International Film Festival. Torossian was commissioned by the American indie rock band Sparklehorse to produce a music video. The resulting short film, SPARKLEHORSE (1999), received commendation at the 2000 Berlinale, the Berlin International Film Festival. Her short film featuring the music of Sparklehorse, BABIES ON THE SUN (2001), received the Panorama short film prize at the Berlinale, the Berlin International Film Festival.[4] HOKEES won a gold prize for drama at the Houston Film Festival (2000) and best short at the Los Angeles AFFMA Film Festival (2000). Torossian's Stone Time Touch (2007) is a feature-length documentary filmed mostly in Armenia. It was awarded best documentary feature at the Warsaw International Film Festival (2007).[5] She was awarded a DAAD (Berliner Künstlerprogramm) filmmaker fellowship in Berlin in 2007.

Critical reviews[edit]

"In a national culture seemingly obsessed with identity, the careening, intense, arresting works of Gariné Torossian are poetic cinematic searches for and expressions of those very elusive notions of belonging and identification that make her an idiosyncratic yet quintessentially Canadian artist. Formally freewheeling and merging the visual languages of Super 8, 35mm, and video, her body of work is one of the most startling and original to have emerged in Canada over the last decade and a half."—Tom McSorley, Executive Director, Canadian Film Institute (2010).[6]

"Torossian put together a stunning piece that comments on and extends Atom Egoyan's film's structure and themes. The resulting six-minute meditation on a homeland she has yet to visit, Girl from Moush, transforms the iconic architectural stills into a river of images."—from Image and Territory, Adam Gilders, edited by Monique Schofen (2006)[7]

"In 2002, she won the Panorama short film prize at the Berlinale for "Babies on the Sun" (2001), five impressive minutes in which Torossian nostalgically traces memories of childhood." -- Berliner Kunstlerprogramm[8]

"Torossian, a filmmaker whose work was featured at MoMA during a one-woman Cineprobe program in 1995, created a personal and somewhat autobiographical work for her first feature STONE TIME TOUCH. In search of her identity, she visits Armenia, the land of her forebears, and makes a vivid and impressionistic diary of beauty, wonderment, and sadness."—Laurence Kardish, Senior Curator at MoMa, Department of Film

"One of Canada's most original filmmakers."—Liam Lacey, Globe & Mail


  • 1992 - VISIONS (4min, 16mm,Color) Director, Editor, Cinematographer
  • 1993 - PLATFORM (8min,16mm,Color) Director, Editor, Cinematographer
  • 1994 - GIRL FROM MOUSH (5min,16mm,Color) Director, Editor, Cinematographer
  • 1995 - DROWNING IN FLAMES (25min,16mm,Color) Director, Editor, Cinematographer
  • 1996 - MY OWN OBSESSION (30min, 16mm,Color) Director, Editor, Cinematographer
  • 1997 - PASSION CRUCIFIED (22min. 16mm,Color) Director, Editor
  • 1998 - POMEGRANATE TREE (3 min,16 mm,Color) Director, Editor, Cinematographer
  • 1999 - RED BRICK (5MIN,Video,) Director, Cinematographer
  • 1999 - SPARKLEHORSE (9 min,16mm, Color) Director, Editor, Cinematographer
  • 2000 - DUST (6 min, Video) Director, Editor, Cinematographer
  • 2000 - DEATH TO EVERYONE (6 min,16 mm, Color) Director, Editor, Cinematographer
  • 2000 - HOKEES (25 min,16mm, Color) Director
  • 2001 - BABIES ON THE SUN (5min,16 mm) Director, Editor, Cinematographer
  • 2002 - SHADOWY ENCOUNTERS (15 min,16 mm) Director, Editor, Cinematographer
  • 2003 - GARDEN IN KHORKHOM (14 min, Video) Director, Editor, Cinematographer
  • 2004 - SANDIAS EUSTASY (10min) Director, Producer, Editor
  • 2005 - HYPNOTIZE / MEZMERIZE (11 min, video, System of a Down rock band), Director
  • 2007 - ELECT THE DEAD (3min, Color, music video), Director, Editor, Cinematographer
  • 2007 - STONE, TIME, TOUCH (74 min) Director, Editor, Cinematographer
  • 2008 - COME AROUND (5 min, video) Director, Editor, Cinematographer

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