Garin's Uncanny File

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Garin's uncanny file
The first comic volumes of Garin's uncanny file published in Malaysia.
Publication information
Publisher Punica (Thailand)
Format comic, novel
Publication date July 2008
Main character(s) Garin, Lultima
Creative team
Written by Aii
Artist(s) Black Tohfu

Garin's uncanny file (Thai: การิน ปริศนาคดีอาถรรพ์) is a Thai comic series written by Aii and illustrated by Black Tohfu . It was originally serialized in Thailand by Punica Publishing.[1]

Garin's uncanny file phenomenon created within one month of sales released and published in Malaysia as FaIL aNEH GaRIN[2]

Garin’s Uncanny File has three versions: novel, comic, and BlaCX. There is also a live-action film adaption called Garin X Guardian released in theaters in 2015.


Lultima is a girl with an extraordinary ability. Because of it evil things keep coming to her. She also can read people's minds. She tries to escape from them all the time. After transferring to a new school she met a boy named Garin, who's fond of black magic. Then there was an accident with a student in her class, which Lultima sensed it might be because of Garin.



Garin's Uncanny File is the best selling book of both Thailand and Malaysia. And now has plan to sign a contract to purchase in many countries. Also South Korea that be next country.[3]


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