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Map of Scotland showing the present-day committee area of Garioch

Garioch (Scots: The Geerie,[1] /ˈɡɪəri/ GEER-ee, Scottish Gaelic: Gaibheach[2]) is one of six committee areas in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It has a population of 46,254 (2006 estimate), which gives it the largest population of Aberdeenshire's six committee areas.[3] 'The Rough Howe' from the Scots Gaelic Garbh – rough; iochd – howe. The Garioch consists primarily of the district drained by the River Ury and its tributaries the Shevock and the Gadie Burn.[4]

The Shevack inscription stone at Newton.

Centred on Inverurie, a traditional rural market town whose foundation dates back to the 9th century with the establishment of Christianity at Polnar, "The Kirk of Rocharl" – now St Andrew's Parish Church, Inverurie, "The Auld Kirk of Inverurie", the Garioch has also experienced rapid population growth due to its proximity to the city of Aberdeen. Significant growth in population, services and employment is anticipated in the A96 corridor and in Westhill. The area is largely agricultural, but is strongly affected by Aberdeen's economy and the oil and gas sector.


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Coordinates: 57°17′02″N 2°22′37″W / 57.284°N 2.377°W / 57.284; -2.377