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Garland Independent School District
Harris Hill Administration Building

District information
GradesPre-K through 12
SuperintendentDr. Ricardo Lopéz [1]
Students and staff
Athletic conferenceUIL 10-6A[3]
Other information
Coordinates32°55′33.9″N 96°38′19.7″W / 32.926083°N 96.638806°W / 32.926083; -96.638806Coordinates: 32°55′33.9″N 96°38′19.7″W / 32.926083°N 96.638806°W / 32.926083; -96.638806
GISD headquarters

Garland Independent School District is a public school district with its headquarters in the Harris Hill Administration Building in Garland, Texas (USA).[4]

Garland ISD extends from the Dallas city limits, northeast to the county line and serves parts of the communities of Garland, Rowlett, and Sachse.[5] Small portions of Dallas and Wylie are served by Garland ISD.[6]

The district encompasses approximately 100 square miles (260 km2). With a student enrollment of 56,459 students,[2] GISD is currently the fourth largest school district in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, and is thirteenth largest district in the state of Texas. Garland High School, the district's first high school, is more than one hundred years old.

In 2009, the school district was rated "academically acceptable" by the Texas Education Agency.[7]

Choice of School Plan[edit]

Garland ISD implements a Freedom of Choice/Choice of School plan, which allows parents to choose which school his/her children want to attend within the district for the following school year.[8] The Choice of School plan is a desegregation plan resulting from the Civil Rights Act of 1964.[9] The plan stipulates that all schools must adhere to the ethnicity ratios established by the courts while not exceeding the student capacities of each individual campus. Most students choose to attend the school to which they would be assigned absent Free Choice; preference is given to students residing closest to the school facility. Garland ISD schools have defined "transportation areas" that provide school bus transportation to students who live two or more miles from the nearest available school.[10] Garland ISD has the only "free choice system" in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and in the United States of America.[citation needed]

The change in demographics, with GISD's student body becoming about 50% Hispanic and Latino by 2013, interfered with the ethnicity bands set in the 1980s.[11]


In 2016 the attendance rate for students in the district was 96%, compared with a state average of 96%. 48% of the students in the district were economically disadvantaged, 10% enroll in special education, 7% enroll in gifted and talent programs, 22% are enrolled in career and technology programs, and 24% are considered "limited English proficient."[2]

In 2006 the ethnic makeup of the district was 40.7% Hispanic, 32.5% White, non-Hispanic, 18.7% African American, 7.6% Asian/Pacific Islander, and 0.5% Native American.[12] As of 2015 the district had over 2,000 students of Vietnamese heritage. GISD operates Spanish and Vietnamese bilingual programs, the latter only being available at grades PK-3 at 10 elementary schools and Parsons PreK.[13]

In 1997, over 50% of the students were non-Hispanic white.[14] In 2000 27% of the students were Hispanic or Latino, but this increased to 37% by 2005.[15] From 1997 to 2016 the number of non-Hispanic white students had declined by 65%.[14]

From 1997 to 2016 the number of students on free or reduced lunches, a way of classifying a student as low income, increased by 160%.[14]

In 2006 Teachers in the district carry, on average, 10 years of teaching experience and 12% of the teachers on staff are first-year teachers. 74% of the teachers hold bachelors, 24% hold masters, 1% hold doctorates, and less than 1% have no degree.[2]

60% of students in the district took SAT/ACT standardized examinations with an average score of 1009 and 20, respectively. 23% of students took an AP and/or IB examination.[2]


Secondary schools[edit]

High schools[edit]

5 in Garland, 1 in Rowlett, 1 in Sachse


  • Garland ISD Evening School (on the campus of Garland High School, Garland)
  • Gilbreath-Reed Career Technical Center (Garland) (opened 2017)

Middle schools[edit]

9 in Garland, 2 in Rowlett, 1 in Sachse

  • Austin Academy for Excellence (Garland)
  • Bussey Middle School (Garland)
  • Classical Center at Brandenburg Middle School (Garland) (opened 1972)
    • 2009 National Blue Ribbon School
  • Coyle Middle School (Rowlett) (opened 1973)
  • Sam Houston Middle School (Garland)
  • Hudson Middle School (Sachse) (opened 1992)
  • Jackson Technology Center (Garland)
  • Lyles Middle School (Garland)
  • O'Banion Middle School (Garland)
  • Schrade Middle School (Rowlett)
  • Sellers Middle School (Garland)
  • Webb Middle School (Garland)

Primary schools[edit]

Ethridge Elementary School

36 in Garland, 9 in Rowlett, 2 in Sachse

  • Luke & Betty Abbett Elementary School (Garland) (opened 1989)
  • Armstrong Elementary School (Sachse) (opened August 19, 2002)
  • James M. Back Elementary School (Rowlett)
  • Beaver Technology Center (Garland)(opened in 1960, became a magnet in 1997)
  • Bradfield Elementary School (Garland)
  • Bullock Elementary School (Garland) (opened 1962)
  • Randolph Caldwell Elementary School (Garland) (opened 1955)
  • George Washington Carver Elementary School (Garland) (opened 2007)
  • Centerville Elementary School (Garland)
  • Classical Center at Vial Elementary School (Garland) (opened 1974)
  • Club Hill Elementary School (Garland) (opened 1974)
  • Cooper Elementary School (Garland) (opened 1963)
  • Couch Elementary School (Garland)
  • Daugherty Elementary School (Garland)
    • The original capacity was 800, and for generations that was adequate for its enrollment. By 2006 it was overcrowded with 1,300 students.[15]
  • Davis Elementary School (Garland)
  • Dorsey Elementary School (Rowlett) (opened August 12, 1996)
  • Ethridge Elementary School (Garland)
  • Freeman Elementary School (Garland)
  • Joyce Giddens-Steadham Elementary School (Rowlett) (opened August 9, 1999)
  • Golden Meadows Elementary School (Garland)
  • Handley Elementary School (Garland) (opened 1964)
  • Heather Glen Elementary School (Garland)
  • Carl L. Herfurth Elementary School (Rowlett) (opened 1988)
  • Hickman Elementary School (Garland) (opened 1975)
  • Hillside Academy for Excellence (Garland)
    • 2016-17 National Blue Ribbon School[19]
  • Keeley Elementary School (Rowlett) (opened August 1991)
  • Kimberlin Academy for Excellence (Garland)
  • Liberty Grove Elementary School (Rowlett) (opened 2007)
  • Lister Elementary School (Garland)
  • Luna Elementary School (Garland)
  • Montclair Elementary School (Garland)
  • Northlake Elementary School (Garland)
  • Park Crest Elementary School (Garland)
  • Nita Pearson Elementary School (Rowlett) (opened 2004)
  • Routh Roach Elementary School (Garland)[21]
  • Rowlett Elementary School (Rowlett) (opened 1979)
  • Sewell Elementary School (Sachse) (opened 1992)
  • Shorehaven Elementary School (Garland)
  • Shugart Elementary School (Garland)
  • Southgate Elementary School (Garland)
  • Spring Creek Elementary School (Garland) (opened August 1981)
  • Stephens Elementary School (Rowlett) (opened August 15, 1994)
  • Toler Elementary School (Garland) (1976)
  • Walnut Glen Academy for Excellence (Garland) (opened 1988)
  • Watson Technology Center (Garland) (opened in 1956, became a magnet in 1997)
  • Weaver Elementary School (Garland)
  • Williams Elementary School (Garland)

Pre-Kindergarten schools[edit]

2 in Garland

  • Gloria Cisneros PreKindergarten School
  • Florence Parsons Prekindergarten School

Rentable facilities[edit]

Curtis Culwell Center

Curtis Culwell Center is a $31.5 million multi-purpose rentable facility featuring an arena and a conference center. The complex was built by HKS, Inc. and funded by a bond election held in fall of 2002. Although the facility replaced Southern Methodist University's Moody Coliseum as Garland ISD's primary location to host the district's commencement exercises in May 2005, the 190,000-square-foot (18,000 m2) complex was formally completed in August 2005.[26]

The arena seats up to 7,500 for concerts, basketball/volleyball games, and graduation ceremonies. The conference center seats 400 guests in the 8,000 square feet (740 m2) ballroom for banquets and 140 guests in the tiered lecture hall.[27]

This facility was the location of a "contest to draw cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad" that resulted in an attack by two Muslim men who were shot dead by Garland Police.

Former schools[edit]

  • George Washington Carver School - A segregated all African American school named after the African American scientist that was officially closed December 31, 1970, when Garland ISD desegregated.[28] The district opened an elementary school with the same name in 2007.[29][30]


Black History Month, 2016[edit]

On February 26, 2016 during a presentation at Coyle Middle School, students held up signs saying, “Black Lives Matter,” “I Can’t Breathe,” and “The Whole System Is Guilty.” In response, the Rowlett police chief Mike Broadnax said “Allowing this only promotes the discontent and hatred for police to continue. It’s a bad day.” In response, Coyle Middle School principal Michael Bland emailed school staff stating, "...If any of the political messages on the signs offended anyone, I apologize on behalf of the administration.".[31]

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